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Advice on test results please!

Advice on test results please! TSH 6.72 FT4 13.9 Peroxidase antibody level 34.61 (which is the one I don't really understand) My GP has prescribed 50mg of Levothyroxine, which I have been taking for two weeks. I am already starting to feel better but after joining this site I realised that I should look at my test results which I got from GP receptionist today. No idea what to make of them. All comments/adivce very, very welcome.

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These are your results since you started Levo?

Did you take your meds as usual on the day of the test? Was the test first thing in the morning?

Do you have the ranges (numbers in brackets)?

Do you take your levo with water only, at least 30 mins before food and well away from any supplements?

Helpful info here:




Thank you Louise. These were test results before I started taking the meds. The only one that looks like it has ranges is the peroxidase it states(0-34). FT4 actually states 13.9 pmo/L and the TSH 6.72 mIU/L High.


Hi Terry, this is a good website and this link may help you understand lab tests. There are many things to learn about your condition and I suggest you do as much reading as you have time for. It seems to be a battle between physician and patient under the NHS so arm yourself with information:


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