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Can the thyroid grow back after multiple ops



In 2004 I had my thyroid totally removed (this was my 4th op in all).Since then I have been very unwell as they couldn't get my thyroxine level correct.I have since moved down to Devon and a couple of years ago I saw a professor at a Plymouth hospital and he suggested that I go onto Eltroxin which I now take daily.My weight has gone down and I generally feel much better although I still get achy and very tired.My dose is set at 200mg and I need my bloods checked every 3 months.Just recently I have noticed a lump in my throat and am very concerned as it surely cannot grow back.Its very hard to swallow and feels very uncomfortable when I lay down.Should I bother the doctors with this or do you think it will disappear with time?

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You should definitely go to your endo with this as thyroid tissue can grow back if your TSH is not adequately suppressed.


Hi A little bit of thyroid gland always left. You need to be under an endo. usually the present condition is treated regardless of previous history. Sorry to say often the thyroid problem re occurs.You certainly need an ultra sound again. I would suggest important to have PTH, parathyroid, calcium ( corrected ) and vit D done together AM, Must be all 3. If 2 gone up above range and D high for you. Then you need a nuclear scan of PTH, they also do a CT ( large hospital and specialist radiologist May be this has ot been checked, It is a very good op as PTH self contained. I hope this helps. Sorry, you must be so fed up. Be sure, to have the very best advice by a consultant endo you are happy with, or see some one else.

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