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Peripheral Neuropathy

Has anyone experienced peripheral neuropathy with thyroid issues? From around 14 years old (I am now 44) I developed an intense tingling which would start from my chest and move upwards. Shortly after my thyroidectomy I began taking a small dose (10mg) of Amitriptyline which does ease the symptoms. However, after reading about the connection between hormone issues (stress levels) and cell inflammation I have decided to go down the nutrition route to try and regenerate my cells. I had weaned off the Amitriptyline over the last few weeks but last night the symptoms are returning, especially an intense coldness in my right foot/lower leg (different to the usual cold hands and feet with hypo) and I had tingling in my face/mouth and a burning sensation in my mouth.

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Hi Nicola-Jane, I started with peripheral neuropathy just prior to thyroid diagnosis and feel certain they are connected. Neuropathy is mostly in feet and legs but I also get facial numbness on and off. I agree the nutritional route seems best as the medics can only offer pain relief with the danger of building tolerance. LDN helped lots with my symptoms and also neuropathy pain but I don't think its a cure also B Vits especially B1 AND B12 important. I just ordered a bulk buy of organic Oatstraw herb after reading that it can regenerate and rebuild the myelin sheath and also good for many things including fatigue, heart insomnia. Need to make infusions using a large amount of herb steeped for 8 - 12 hours but if gluten intolerant Oatstraw does contain a small amount of gluten. Susan Weed seems to be an authority on herbs and infusions and lots of information and videos on the internet if you Google - sorry no link. I am thinking of alternating Oatstraw with Nettle Leaf and really hoping the herbs work!

Hope your feeling better soon and find a solution x

Isis x



Hi Nicola Jane, Have you had your parathyroids checked, which are often damaged during thyroidectomy? I had my thyroid out seven years ago and experienced the tingling around nose and mouth immediately after the op. I was given chewable calcium to take very quickly and gradually the parathyroids settled down, although every so often I get a tingling for a second or so. I would definitely ask for check on them if I were you, as long term deficiency may be causing your other problems. Hope you ger sorted!


Hi Have you had a diabetes blood test? Peripheral neuralgia is often one of the first signs of diabetes, they are all very similar to thyroid disease to start with as hormonal and autoimmune. You do not have to be overweight, I am very under weight. with severe diabetes, 2 Then the test for PTH, first is 3 bloods must be done AM together. PTH, Calcium and importantly vit D ( my GP`s did not know this!), If all high or 2 high and D high for you. Then. you need a PTH nuclear scan and CT together, large hospital. Also another ultra sound of thyroid.Some of the thyroid is always left in surgery so really you have to ignore what happened before and start off as you are now. I would definitely find a good endo to see.If it is the pTH it is surgery but very successful normally as easy to remove.

Best wishes,



I have a numb toe on each foot. Sometimes it feels like something is stuck between my toes and when I check on my feet, it turns out that this feeling comes from the surrounding toes feeling the numb toe as a kind of foreign object.


Thank you all for your replies - ISIS: As I said, my symptoms of peripheral neuropathy began when I was 14 but I wasn't diagnosed with Grave's disease until I was 28! It wasn't until I wanted to take control of my thyroid hormone treatment last year and I began reading, re-reading and reading again that I realised what it actually was. I've just taken a delivery of organic super foods but will definitely look into the things you've suggested. My bloods were taken on Monday and Vit D and B12 were tested so will find out the levels next Monday. HENNERTON: I haven't had my parathyroids checked, but when I went in for surgery and was told about the after effects re. parathyroids I brought up the symptoms I had had since age 14 and the surgeon told me it was nothing to do with my thyroid! I was concerned that they would be more severe post surgery and I was right... rushed back into hospital the day after being released with severe, intense tingling in every part of my body (even my eyeballs!) and cramped to the point where I looked like I'd had a stroke. Got to hospital = zero calcium. I was then taking calcium/vit D for a while (as it seems it is the Vit D that is low). My parathyroids were definitely left behind but were shocked and not working adequately for a short time. JACKIE: I am seeing my endo on Monday and will definitely talk to him about the possibility of Diabetes. PUNCTUREDBICYCLE: They (doctors) talk about nerve pain although it's not the usual pain we are used to... but it's flipping annoying isn't it?


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