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REALLY REALLY worried now !

RE: my question below on

Endoctrine Disruptors . . . Bisphenol A (BPA)....... A Filling and an Allergic reaction ! ! ?

Surely this stuff should have been BANNED ! ! !

Look under use: Dental fillings

Look down under health, then THYROID, Neurological issues, Breast cancer, etc. etc.

I am going to get this stuff ripped out, bring back amalgum.

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Hi FF. Can't find the mention of use of BPA in dental fillings - maybe you meant to post a second link? (both are the same)

Here's a letter from 3M company that came up immediately on a search claiming they don't use BPA in their white fillings, only a related but safe material: Even if this proves true/safe there did seem to be hints about elsewhere that maybe all fillings are not the same composition.

Perhaps the problem is a broader one - the bigger picture likely being that in our technological society we have immersed ourselves willy nilly in all sorts of health negative compounds, medications, radiations and so on. It can't be by accident that we've seen such an apparent surge in metabolic disease, cancers and other chronic degenerative conditions like cardio vascular and auto immune problems.

The scary part is that science and the supposed safeguards patently don't work in this scenario to protect us.

We see time and again that when a practice gets established that the emergence of negative research typically makes no difference - not at least until the scenario is 'proven' in legal terms and the risk of sanctions and liability kick in. The practice continues. The whole issue of the treatment of hypothyroidism is itself a major case in point.

Another issue is that in a modern consumer society we time and again see materials go into use and propagate right around the world so that whole populations are exposed before there is time for negative effects to be pinned down.

The legal problem tends to be that whatever 'it' is is deemed to be 'safe' until it's 'proven' to be dangerous. Which ensures that we suffer the effects of whatever it is not just until problems are found, but also until the battle is won so that the product or compound is banned or indisputably shown to be dangerous. The financial clout of such interests has often meant that many products causing a high risk (in any neutral view) of serious health effects have remained on sale - with spurious research and every other weapon used to keep it that way.

We badly need a fail safe system to control or at least phase the introduction of new products and technologies - perhaps a scenario where the requirement is to prove safety and not the other way around........



Hi Ian,

thanks for your considered reply, I am bit tired to read it all now as I had pretty sleepless night, so I will read in detail later :-) .

I am on the phone now to arrange an allergy test so hopefully I will get the ingredients used.

If you click on use in the contents box, or scroll down to use the bit about dental fillings is 3rd para down, next to th pic of plastic bottle

"Polycarbonate plastic, which is clear and nearly shatter-proof, is used to make a variety of common products including baby and water bottles, sports equipment, medical and dental devices, dental fillings"

Many thank


Hi Ian,

You have put this so well, I have only recently begun to think that this is so true, we are the guineapigs.

I use to think that our government looked after us and protected us from harm, how gullible am I.

Don't know if you read my other questions, but here is another link you might be interested in

Best wishes


Thanks FF - it's obviously pretty widely found in fillings. That's actually news to me. I spent a lot of money switching to white fillings some years ago, but had no idea that they too had been fingered as potentially dodgy.

It's hard to know what to do about a lot of this stuff, in that we could all worry ourselves into a knot of we wanted to. Mobile phone emissions are another case in point.

I take a certain amount of solace from the fact that we're immersed in all sorts of stuff, and most of us seem to get by somehow. After that I'm inclined to be somewhat fatalistic.

That may however be a fool's paradise, and is certainly a recipe for inaction. The real risk is that perhaps one of these days we'll run into something that is seriously dangerous, but the risk of which won't become clear until we've all been exposed.

So far as doing something is concerned there's so many targets we can get excited about - and dissipate our energies. Yet when these issues are viewed at the highest level (as in that they have their origins in stuff like our greed, arrogance and naiveté, and in the confrontational nature of our legal system) they become so diffuse that it's very hard to get people interested or motivated.

Even if we do get interested it takes so much work to run stuff to ground, and so often we find the info was suspect anyway.

I need convincing that we shouldn't be steering towards a much simpler lifestyle.

The technologically enabled and largely greed driven ever onwards and upwards mindset seems very likely to lead to the destruction of ourselves and of the planet.....



Hi Ian,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, I have both types of fillings at the moment, but what else is there ? Its definietly a can of worms when looking into endocrine disruptors.

Being fatalistic, as you mention, can be useful at times otherwise we could really stress ourselves; not good for the adrenals.

I'm afraid that greed and lazyness is a very human trait and the rare breed that aren't, are in my eyes, very strong people.

It looks like I will be voting for the green party next time around, and when the oil runs out.......but thats another story.

Thank you for this very well written eye opening info.

Wishing you well


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