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Third chemical pregnancy


Before hashimoto I fell pregnant easily

Now I'm on my third chemcial. Granted it's taken so long to be optimal my levels are now. Close to 0 and t4 perfection

I feel good I'm on all the right vitamins I'm only 31, internal has come back fine, egg count, sperm count

So wtf!!!!

I'm going to try gluten, dairy , sugar and limit caffeine to one a day

Anyone else have successful pregnancies or am i just having shit luck :(!!!!

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You need your Levo upped 25-50mcg for the first trimeter until foetus makes its own thyroid. A doctor that’s well versed in pregnancy and thyroid condition can guide you better. This might be useful:

I'm really sorry to hear you'e going through this. Everyone is different and it may just be bad luck.

Yes I've had healthy pregnancies after diagnosis so yes it's very possible 😊

Good luck 😊

Struggling to get pregnant or carry to term is a hypothyroid symptom :( So it can be very hard.

Are you sure your thyroid hormone levels are completely perfect? I had a quick look back at your old posts and saw your TSH was over 5 a few months ago. So it will probably get some time to get things perfect.

Do you have a freeT3 result? That's the most important one, and you want it to be in the top third.

It's also worth checking that your supplements are raising your vitamin levels, so get them rechecked after a few months. Ferritin, folate, vit D, vit B12.

If you're willing to do a very challenging diet, the autoimmune protocol helps a lot of people who have Hashimotos.

Mich87 in reply to SilverAvocado

Is ferritin iron?

I've started gluten free today I'm excited! Also gonna limit dairy, sugar, caffeine and alcohol

My tsh is 0.08 and t4 is 18

Which in Australian range where I live is ideal for baby.

I'm an range of vitamins but I'm gonna

Pick up vitamin e and vitamin c today as I've heard that's good also

SilverAvocado in reply to Mich87

Yes, ferritin is stored iron.

Do you have the ranges for those thyroid results? Where I am the range for freeT4 tends to be 12-22, so yours would be just over half-way. If your ranges are similar you've got quite a bit of room for improvement.

The more important number is freeT3. It's often hard to get doctors to do it. You want that to be high in range, in the top third. If you're taking Levothyroxine only yours is probably day or low if your freeT4 is as low as it looks.

Unfortunately without freeT3 we can't really tell anything. Your body has to convert T4, which is the storage form, into T3 which is the active form. Often when we're ill the body isn't too good at doing that. To get pregnant you want all these level optimal, or maybe even a little higher, because as soon as you get pregnant you'll need to raise your levels even further.

At the moment yours looks a bit lower than optimal, but you need to get hold of the ranges, and pester your doctor for a freeT3 test. Make sure your doctor knows you're trying to get pregnant, because they will know you need better levels for that, and you may get better treatment.

It's well worth getting blood tests for as many of those vitamins as you can, too. It's common to be deficient or pretty low in some of them, and to raise those levels you'll need the best quality supplenents.

Good luck with the gluten free!

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