hypothyroid and hypoparathyroid

Had a thyroidectomy for Ca 33 years ago and also the parathyroids. They tried to auto transplant them but they didn't take( I have been told they don't really know). I take 2 mg alfacalcidol and have been stable for 33 years. This might not be the right forum but I was wondering if anybody know if Armour affect the calcium levels as it contains calcitonin. I am just worried that it would stop me from switching to natural desiccated hormone.


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  • Have a look at this link that says calcitonin help reduce calcium levels.


    Moggie x

  • Hi I am pretty certain it does not ,as then I would not be able to take it, I can no longer take vit D as my calcium too high. PTH and Hashimoto problems but a good endo.


  • thank you jackie

    Does that mean that you are on Armour and have had a parathyroidectomy?


  • Hi My PTH is bad but too ill from my other conditions for biopsies or surgery. however, I believe ( I may be wrong) that the thyroid is treated as needed regardless.I have had the nuclear scan and CT and ultra sound for thyroid. I have an enlarged thyroid and nodules too which cannot be biopsied etc My PTH and calcium blood very high ( calcium a bad sign) and I can no longer take any vit d ,once calcium over range it is essential to stop vit D, regardless..I cannot take Levo, allergic so have armour and since T3 became available, less armour ( 2 grains) and 20mcg T3, I have low FT3. TSH immeasurable, always has been. Not pituitary gland which low tSH often is.

    I hope that helps. I think you need to be under a very good endo for expert advice.Not just any endo. mine is so good ,it makes such a difference as you need someone you can trust.

    I hope that helps

    Best wishes,


  • Thank you for your advice, were you prescribed Armour by your endo? I know how horrible it is to have high calcium , mine is stable. I have been referred to an endo after having been discharged years ago. Don't have much hope getting Armour though


  • Hi Roslin. I am pleased that you are seeing an endo, I hope it is a good one! I have learnt, the hard way, if a consultant does not listen and you are not comfortable with their care, have a new referral Once you have established one, easy the next time!Also take a list to refer to!

    I have a lovely brilliant endo, but I do see her privately, just pay for consultations, everything else can be done through GP and NHS, on her instructions.

    She treats the patient not the blood tests!

    I have my T3 from her via GP ( NHS) ,iron etc etc, and then the armour on a private script from endo. ( Springfield Pharmacy ). . That s because difficult GP as armour not on "the list" will not give it me. A lot of people get it OK. T3 is much more expensive.

    My endo prefers T4 ( levo) and T3, if no good armour and otherwise if no good T3 only.If very low T3 like me, armour etc and T3 She actually will do what ever the patient needs as she really cares. One in a million.

    I see lots of consultants and usually the more well known they are etc they take less notice of bloods than the others. Four of mine ( different specialities) say "bloods do no matter". I disagree but how you feel also vital.

    The endo should test vit D, ( hormonal, although you cannot have it with high calcium), B12 and Foliates , iron/ferritin and diabetes.( hormonal and autoimmune , same symptoms to start with as thyroid)

    I see mine for lots of endo things most of above and more.They are normally very good on electrolytes etc ( Ca , Mg, sodium and Potassium. All very important, a very wide field so very good to see one., generally

    Get back to me ,if I can help further.


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