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Dr Chris Steele, TUK's patron and Dr Toft

Re Karispitits' question on Dr tofts book, I have also recently purchased this book and agree that there is little if any in support of having the symptoms but "normal" range bloods.It is very weighted in favour of the TSH being the gold standard.

Dr Chris Steele, TUK's patron reviewed the Thiroid Disorders book by Toft, (see back cover) does this mean he agrees with everything in the book ? if the book has been updated since he reviewed it, would he have been told about the changes so he could think about whether he still agrees with content ?

Quote on back cover:

"So many patients resort to the internet for health or disease information - and that's a minefield. I recommend the BMA Family Doctor Books as the first port of call. They are just brilliant ! "


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Dr Steele is not quoted on the back of my copy, so yours must be a more recent publication. However, going by your quote above, plus reading the quotes on the back of my copy, they are all endorsing the full range of Family Doctor Books, rather than any one specific topic.


Thanks Redapple

Yes your probably right but it still made me angry


Dr Toft's BMA book - I agree with Rod's view - posted recently

"It is a get-you-started book that is inexpensive and available enough for almost anyone to get hold of - often within a few hours at their local pharmacy.

Once you have passed the threshold of understanding the basics, its use drops to being something you can take to the GP. "

sorry Rod - hope you don't mind me quoting you :D

I just agree it's a start to 'Understanding Thyroid disorders' - not just for us but for GPs, and the fact that Dr Toft was the Queen's Physician in Scotland and president of the BTA and Royal college of Physicians , Edinburgh, may give a little weight.

OK far from perfect but somewhere to start J :D


Agreed. There are many thyroid books 'out there'. They each have their plusses and minuses. Just as with thyroid medication, there's no 'one size fits all' book on the thyroid and treatments. Read as many as you need to and take from each what's relevant for your own situation.


Thanks Spareribs,

I had seen Rods reply previously and do agree, It seems the ONLY thyroid book in the whole of cornwall/Devon; row upon row of cookery books ! Fashion ! !. and there are a (very) few points that I can pick out to support my case.

BUT . . . .. it was finding Dr Chris Steele on the back that was the shocker for me. :-(


Delighted to have posted something worth quoting. :-)


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