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What is this? Skin Sensitivity

I have had this before, but cannot seem to find out from drs, or on line research what this symptom is. Only get it on one side (right). It just happens out of the blue and will stick around for a few days and then go. It is always on outer leg/thigh and sometimes travels down to calf. there's no rash or redness, but it feels like sunburn - sort of - very sensitive to touch. the only other thing is it happens when I am low physically. anyone else get this, and any ideas what it is.

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As it's only on one side and always in the same place I am unsure what it might be.

I used to have skin sensitivity and photosensitivity and this turned out to be at least partly due to a vitamin D deficiency. It would be worth getting this tested as around 50% of the population don't have high enough levels of vitamin D. Mine was generalised sensitivity though, not localised, so this may have nothing to do with your symptoms but it is worth getting it checked anyway.

It could also be some sort of nerve thing. Where you are describing sounds like the sciatic nerve. It could be that something is impinging on this nerve. Have you ever had trouble with your lower back/hip area? This could be causing the nerve to be pinched.

It is also important to know that B12 is important for nerve health so this is another test that is worth doing, even though it might not be directly related to your symptoms, and if the result is below 500 you might want to consider taking a sizeable dose B12 supplement.

Those are just a few ideas, but unfortunately I'm not a doctor so I could be well off the mark. I do suspect the sciatic nerve issue though as it is localised to that area.

Hope that gives you a starting point at least.

Carolyn x


Hi., thanks for this. I take a good VitD3 supp, and B12. I have had sciatic problem, but it cleared up over a year or so ago. However, I don't discount it, but as i know what sciatic pain is like and this is just the skin, am not sure!! |My gp's are useless and wouldn't entertain checking my D3 levels or B!2, but luckily I managed to get the B12 checked by a consultant for something else. However as i have been taking it for a while, it showed 'normal'!! Thanks again though


Yes, I know sciatic pain very well and it is very painful however, from what I have read, the nerve can become inflamed and cause hypersensitivity of the skin around that area too. Either way, it would be a good idea to check with your doctor.

If it was something like mild shingles, I would expect it to be in more areas on that side of your body, but I could be wrong.


Oh okay, then it probably is the nerve. Afraid my gp's wouldn't be helpful. Unless something is staring them in the face and painfully obvious they are not interested!!


:( Your GP doesn't sound very good. Is there an option to see another one or are they all the same at that practice?


No, they are much of a muchness. I tried to change practices once, but they cover such a large area of catchment (I'm semi rural), I'd have to travel miles for another one!! that's why I self treat and as per response to Paul B, have decided the natural route is probably my best option!!


I sometimes have a sensation of burning on my skin, but usually on the right calf area. A doctor once told me it was due to low magnesium.



Yes I have heard this too, but I also take Magnesium. Maybe need to up dose?!


What sort of magnesium do you take and how much? 400mg is a good dose but if you are taking it in a form that is not easily absorbed you might not be getting as much as you think you are. I take magnesium citrate as that seems to be reasonably easily absorbed. Some people find they can only absorb it through the skin.


I am currently taking a H & B one 250mg tablet.. I used to take a Cell salt by New Era - Mag.Phos, but they are in process of re-labelling under EU laws, so cannot get it. I think I may have to look at a better one actually.


Sounds like urticaria.

Can be triggered when thyroid antibodies are high or thyroid is undertreated.

See links to hives and urticaria, can be localised to certain areas only. Immunologist is best person to ask.



This is an interesting case:



Have just attended a clinic at Ainsworth's (Homeopothy), and am just beginning 3 days of special remedies, so will be interesting to see how things go all round!! But agree with you on the immunologist.


Hi, there is a name for this: orthoinfo.aaos.org/topic.cf...

Someone posted that the other day I believe.


Thanks Heloise that describes mine to a T.

What I call the burning fire ants march and my GPS go, no idea what that is. Now I know.

Mine always appears on my lower half of my body right down to my feet. By god does it drive me up the wall. I can only describe it as saying even air hurts if it blows on me when I having an episode. Ic ants sleep, sit or do anything until it goes. Nothing stops or take the edge off it. Comes and goes as it sees fit. Just wondering now if my compression in my neck is behind this. Will now investgate.

Least I know I'm not alone in suffering this horrible thing.


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