Pms or adrenal fatigue or I've lost the plot!!!!!!?????

What is this awful feeling I am experiencing? Is it adrenal fatigue?? Or pms? I'm due my period in a couple of days and I am feeling like a woman possessed. I feel anger, rage. I'm so angry that I feel like I could seriously harm someone or myself. Everything irritates me and I cannot control this fire in my belly. I have rowed( to put it mildly!) with poor hubby who has been kicked out the house, brought back in again and apologised to only for me to rare up again. I am feeling extremely anxious about everything. I thought maybe blood sugar levels but after eating some protein with a tiny bit of carbs it didn't help. I just tried some vitamin c which has helped some. Then hubby started to talk about something and this just stressed me out again. I am so desperately trying to keep a lid on it but just feel so angry and wound up!

I have not been able to get out of bed today and would have really liked to have gone out for a while in the sunshine but I feel like a complete loon!! How ridiculous that getting out of bed and having a shower would cause me so much anxiety and stress.

Earlier, I really felt like someone should call the authorities to take me away!! It is quite scary to feel this way. I'm feeling slightly better after the vitamin c but I'm worried that it will return. (I seemed to be doing ok ish this week).

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I was exactly the same only I was taken Away for my own safety,a lot worse when period due and still get anxiety symptoms,drives me up the Wall x

I'm sorry you go through this too. It's horrible isn't it? Hope your ordeal wasn't too bad. I feel like I am on the brink of madness and am scared that something will push me over. Did thyroid hormones improve it?

My tsh was 130 when discovered,not really never felt the same since x

Wow that's some number! I have felt better tonight but am dreading what the morning will bring. I have now got left sided muscle weakness in my arm and leg. I always get this- they thought it might be hemiplegic migraine but I am inclined to think that it is down to adrenals. I'm trying to figure it all out, now with the mad woman rages, just what exactly it is.

Hope you will figure out yours soon,

Best wishes


I'm post menopausal and thought these sorts of flare ups were a thing of the past, but since developing thyroid problems they've been recurring, and are just as you describe. I'm currently seeing a doc in the Brighton area who is concentrating on my adrenals. It's early days, but I think I'm seeing some improvement.

Thanks for replying. I think that I might go and see a private doc , recommended by someone on this forum. I can't really afford to go private but I need to do something as I think that with my thyroid levels off everything else is too. I had a better day today - thank goodness - no crazy woman. I can cope with the fatigue but not the other stuff! I hope you continue to improve!!

Carolineanne x

oww dear, its your hormones, if you have thyroid issues, when you are due on your periods around this time, it will make your hormones ten times worse? I have this really feel like I am going insane, but I have learnt to rationalise that it is hormonol and low thyroid related, hold in there, if your TSH is all over the place so will be your ovaries, adrenal, pituatory, they are all interlinked.

I can identify with you, its not nice but it will pass and be back, you might need some hormone replacement medicattion. It might be worth going private just to find out whats happening, then you can sort your hormones out with the help of a specialist.

hope this helps x

Thanks Merissa, it really isn't nice especially for poor hubby who gets the brunt of it. Then today it's gone again and I feel more like me until the next hormone surge or drop-Aaggh!! I'm thinking that at 43 peri menopause is kicking in nicely and yep I think I definately need professional help with this. I'm even trying to track everything in a diary but I still can't make head or tail of it.

Thanks, best wishes

Carolineanne x

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