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My GP told me yesterday that my Vit D was below normal. Is this common in Under active thyroid sufferers?

I have been taking thyroxine for 2 years and have felt no benefit at all but results always say normal. Only recently had test done for Vitamin D and now have been given replacement Vit D3 tablets to take for 3 months. Doctor didnt mention it in connection with Thyroid problems and there is never long enough to question. More I read online though I see that Vit D is absolutely essential in helping thyroxine work. Anyone else have experience of this. I find it all very confusing(underactive thyroid makes me feel confused anyway) and I am still so tired

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It is always going to be difficult to know the extent to which thyroid issues impact on vitamin D. But it is so, so common.

Glad you were tested and are getting some treatment.

Suggest that you also get:

vitamin B12



tested - as they are also all too often low in hypothyroidism. :-)



Thanks Rod. Appreciate you answering. Hoping that the Vit D is going to help the awful fatigue.



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