Eat five a day...look after your husband...think positive thoughts

Finally found the energy to ring for doctors appointment at 8.30am, was squeezed in for 11:10. Arrived and waited for half an hour, then as soon as I said thyroid his eyes blanked, bored body language and no interest. THEN he said eat 5 a day, look after my HUSBAND!!! and have positive thoughts. I suggested my problem might be pituatary based so he said 'blood test' earliest booking date 15th April, I explained I was off work until the 14th, offered to travel to hospital for test, but no, another day off work!! 7 years med school. I am sooo mad! Time for a new doctor. Is it possible to recommend anyone in South Birmingham

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  • What a cheek!! You wouldn't wish anyone to have a thyroid gland problem, but maybe it would make some doctors more aware and sympathetic.

    I hope you find a good doctor.

  • I am really in trouble now as I have divorced my Husband lol

  • lol. I never had one. Where does that leave me????

  • Sane!

  • LOL!

  • Yeah that's how I feel now I am single again LOL

  • Disgusting behaviour, why do they do it? IVe been treated like this before and was so shocked I did nothing. I wish I had complained. You should write a letter complaining about this doctors attitude, and never see him again. Detail exactly what he said.

    I had the last laugh, the doctor who was so lazy and rude, failed to recognise she was ill and has had to retire earl due to ill health. I know I shouldn't be pleased about this, but I am. :).

  • What a bleep bleep cheek, and waste of your time and appointment. I rang to make an appointment for me and hubby. Mine was in 2 weeks hubby 5 weeks, its disgusting. I said we would see any Dr to be quicker but no they are earliest. Is this normal for anyone else here ? I've been ringing other surgeries about changing, some are out of catchment area.

    I'm unsure what to do better devil you know etc, but its getting beyond a joke.

    We have an emergency appt on same day, but you will.. get told off when there if its not an emergency, I wouldn't do that just because they're system is crappy.

  • I stand to be corrected but I'm sure this thing about catchment areas changed last year and you can go to any surgery or doctor of your choice now...

  • Since becoming a diabetic as well as under active thyroid I have had no problem getting an appointment. Same treatment though if I bring up the problems with my thyroid. My Aunt went to the hospital last week 72 years old and was yelled at to shut up as the expert was speaking and when she had got her degree in medicine then she could talk!! lucky for her her daughter was there and she was so shocked she made a complaint about how rude he was. As for expert I would have thought we were the expert in how we are feeling and suffering I dread getting old if thats the treatment I can look forward too!!!

  • just goes to prove proud I am of my own gp [ never a problem with either appt./return tele call --from him personally-] also his ENTIRE ATTITUDE sympathetic professionalism and total open mind to issues that he has 'limited' knowledge of -----since being told by myself of this site he is a regular user because in his own words ' it's enhancing my own understanding of some of the problems and allowing me now treat other patients adjectively ' that statement was stated to me directly by him -----incidently his son is now in med school and if he has the same attitude we have at least two generations to maybe bring the CARE back to the CARING profession=======just a small thought when people move home do they ever think about how good the local gp's are ,and should this influence their choice of where to buy/move to======I would be interested to find out

  • Sounds to me like this doctor was more interested in your husbands health than yours, do you both go to the same practise? Either this or this guy is unbelievably sexist to the extreme. I would have a chat with the practise manager or just change gp asap. Believe me my husband was well cared for by myself but sadly I still lost him to bowel cancer 16 months ago, wonder what your gp would make of that? I can't think what he would be implying by such a comment, that your health didn't matter as long as your hubby was ok to look after you?

    Appalling comment.

  • Put a complaint in writing. Yes, definitely find another one, what an idiot.

  • thank you for your support

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