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Anyone on Thyroxin (T4 only) who got pregnant with tamoxifen (used for fertility not breast cancer)?

Two months after birth of my little one I was (finally) diagnosed with auto-immune thyroid (although I have been suggesting this to the gp for years given I had antibodies and my brother has the same condition). Been trying to conceive number 2 for more than 18 months...seeing by a great NHS (yes!) gyn/obs and after some tests she has told me, 3 months of tamoxifen if it does not work you are left with IVF.....

I am 38, in good health if you exclude the thyroid bit, but I am one of the few lucky people who are well responding to T4 only and has no major side effects....I am also on 200mg iron and 1000IU/daily of colecalciferol ......I hope someone has a good and encouraging story to share

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Hi - I'm sorry you haven't had an reply to your question, so I'll try... although my youngest is nearly 24 and I'm a gran to 4 (eldest 9, I'm 52).

All I can say (as I know nothing of tamoxifen or IVF) is you are trying your best upping the iron and Vit D, with Thyroid problem too, perhaps T3 or NDTmay help? - I really don't know but hope things turn out well for you. Best wishes Jane :D x


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