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am I hypothyroid

I had a Hemithyroidectomy in December for a Hurthle cell adenoma. My pre op bloods in november showed TSH of 1.58 and cholesterol of 5.8 and tryglyceride of 2.20 .

I have since gained 10 pounds in weight and feel tired and slugish. I went to GP last week and had new bloods taken, which now show TSH of 3.62 and cholesterol of 6.1 and tryglyceride of 3.43... does this mean I am Hypothyroid.

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Yes. What meds are you taking?


Hi, I am not on any meds. My GP wants me to wait another 3 months and test my bloods again. I am worried that I will gain more wait and still feel tired and sluggish.


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