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Hi, can anyone help. I've been on Nutri Adrenal for a while now, having just increased my dose to 3 a day following consultation with Dr P. at the same time he recommended reducing T4 and increasing T3. So I Don't know what is causing the excruciating pain in my feet. I wondered if it might be gout and whether that is likely to be caused by NA or increasing T3? Gout apparently usually starts in the big toe, but my pain is on top of the feet on the outside just below the ankle. I saw a blog yesterday in which someone said they have gout as a hypo symptom, which I haven't come across before. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem and how you cope with it. Paracetamol doesn't touch the pain, and I can't take anything stronger by mouth. Thank you!

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I wondered the same thing about my feet a while ago but my foot/toe pain reduced after getting my vitamin D levels up. It used to be painful to walk, mainly in my big toe joints. I also had a lot of other pain in my feet and other places (actually just about everywhere!) which also went. Have you had your vitamin D tested?

I have also noticed that, although my vitamin D has dropped again (come on spring, where are you?), since being on NDT I am not getting much pain in my feet and toes any more.

As I can't see your foot (and I'm not a doctor anyway, thankfully!) it is difficult to know. Is it hot and inflamed? Gout usually causes inflammation, or so I understand. Another thing it could be if it is red and inflamed is cellulitis. If this is the case you need to get it checked by a doctor asap. Cellulitis is a skin infection. Some people are more prone than others. If this is the case and you develop a fever, you need to see someone asap as it will need antibiotics. Both of my brothers have been in hospital with this condition so it can be serious.

It would be a good idea to check with your GP anyway. It may be nothing serious but it sounds painful and needs checking out.

I hope it gets better soon

Carolyn x


Thank you so much for your kind and helpful reply. I have made an appt with the doc for Friday. I am on Vit D 5000 whatsits, so hopefully that should be OK. Cheers, Lisa. X


Hi Lisabax -

I understand gout can be an iron related condition. My Dad had it very badly due to an allergic reaction to antibiotics (autoimmune?)

I have had very painful feet especially in the evenings and like Caroline have found upping Vit D seems to correspond with improvement especially when adding in Vit B12 alongside it.

I am on T3 and NAX NA but it doesn't seem related to these.

I last had real problems to the extent of being unable to walk after an iron infusion years ago so think the iron is key for me. I wasn't told it was gout though.

Happy April and hoping you improve soon.



Thanks very much, that's helpful. I must get my iron checked, and start b12 supplements again. I'm not sure it is gout, but will see what the doc says. I wasn't able to walk on Saturday, but it's a bit better now. Thanks for your kind wishes. appt April to you. Lx


My husband had gout and I can tell you it is very painful. He had it in his foot but not the big toe, he found it hard to walk it was that painful. Doctor told him to take ibuprofen till it felt okay, which he did. The doctor also changed his blood pressure tablets as they can be a cause of gout. Thankfully he has had no further problem. Gout can occur in other areas than big toes, it's a myth.that you only get it there. It is a build up of uric acid which attacks the joints. I suggest getting it checked out as you say you can't take anything stronger than paracetomol, it usually takes antiiflammatories to ease it. Good luck hope it improves soon


Thanks very much. I couldn't walk in Saturday and was in agony if so much as a feather touched it. However, today is a little better, but following advice on this site, I'm seeing the doc on Friday. Cheers, Lisa



I take Allupurinol everyday due to Gout which I had for the first time in my ankle I was not a likely candidate but my levels of uric acid were so high the consultant was gob smacked anyway it is really painful described as the most painful form of arthritis.

Just ask the Dr for the relevant blood test to rule it out.

Good Luck


Will do! Thanks for your reply. L


Hi Lisabax, I was gobsmacked to see your post as this is exactly the pain I get. I thought it was just something peculiar to me ! Sometimes, when I stand up, I feel like I am being stabbed with red hot pokers and can't put any weight on my feet at all !

I am on T3 only, but also take 2 x NT and supplement my iron and Vit D (5000 iu). I've done this for a while so although I haven't had my Vit D tested, I'm not convinced it is that.

I too am very puzzled and upset my this, so if you find out anything helpful, I'd be really grateful if you could share !


Sharon x


Will do Sharon, I will see what the doctor says, and let you know. Lisa


Hi Lisa, wondered if you had managed to resolve your foot pain at all ?

Mine is still causing problems so I wondered if you had fared any better..



Oops Sharon, sorry I think I replied to myself but if you can find the original string you will see what I said. In short, no change I'm afraid, but the sic says its not gout and she's puzzled too. L


I'm sorry I haven't Sharon. I thought they had gone, but I've had the flu, and it's a funny thing but quite a few bloggers are reporting that their symptoms disappear when they have a virus, and that's what's happened to me. I'm afraid this just seems to be another hypo symptom. Sorry you're still suffering too. Lisa


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