diagnosed with anxiety today but is this the correct treatment ?

hello all, long time no speak :) So after years of symptoms that have taken over my life I have finally been diagnosed with anxiety ! Now, being hypo and treated with thyroxine I would have thought that this would have been the first thing my gp looked at.But no, hes sending me to see a psychologist ?????? does this seem right ?

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  • With a bit of luck your psychologist will have enough common sense to know that it is your thyroid that is the problem and your stress comes from dealing with people who don't seem to realise that. Why do so many doctors want to treat for depression and stress .rather than thyroid?

  • thing that annoys me is it will take months to get to that point, meanwhile I carry on living like this :( I got sent to see a neurologist last year.....saw him in august, had requested tests in October and as yet no appointment to discuss the results, so im assuming theres nothing to tell.! its ridiculous how long these things take :(

  • I know, it is awful isn't it. It would almost be better if they just wrote to you and told you what they had found if anything rather than keep you wait for months without knowing.

  • Please, if you haven't had a recent blood test for your thyroid gland, get one and post with the ranges for members to comment. It sounds to me as if you may be undermedicated or need the addition of T3 without which our brains and body cannot function.

  • The specialist may suggest you take T3, so maybe worth keeping the appt. I think they are more clued up than GPs or Endos when it comes to the reasons for anxiety/depression.

  • thankyou all, feeling a bit more positive now, heres hoping they've seen it all before :) Due another blood test soon but not expecting anything out of the ordinary to show up

  • morning, well ive seen a psychologist and its classic anxiety so im being given 6 weeks of cbt treatment , not sure how I feel about it really......glad ive been diagnosed with something that could explain my symptoms but feel its being treated from the wrong direction :(

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