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Have written a letter of complaint

Well guys, after 3 sets of full bloods, they have gone from haywire to ...........................

you guessed it ..... NORMAL with no follow up required !!

Well I have written to the Practice Manager a letter of complaint asking why if my thyroid is ok and my bloods are ok then why am i still suffering from:-

Tired all the time.

No energy

Brain fog

Fungal nail infection


Muscle aches

Bald patches

Severe Hypertension


Have asked for every thyroid blood test to be printed and given to me.... another waiting game !

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Good for you. We have to challenge this at every opportunity. Hugs. X


It will be interesting to see the print-out of your recent thyroid gland blood tests. Please put the ranges in when you post.

I think it is about time they took into consideration the clinical symptoms and not diagnosing only by the TSH.


shaws has got a point. xx


rather than leave all the decisions to your practice why not invoke YOUR right of a referral to a specialist endocrinologist to your gp------he/she cannot refuse ----but make sure you do your research before for the best trust to be reffered to first........use their rules when you can ......and if the endo is as useful as a chocolate teapot in a forest fire ----invoke YOUR RIGHT [under nhs rules----which have to be adhered to----] for a second opinion to a trust of YOUR CHOICE ....i.e. any within the nhs system direct from your can then get the treatment that you need....alan


I don't blame you for writing, it's not acceptable to be left ill. Take control of your health and don't rely on the NHS. Let them know you mean business!


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