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Blood test results

Just got my results today and was told they are normal, I was given 3T4 level is 20. I am on 75 mg of levothyroxine and with my previous question , over the last 3 months I have put on 81/2 lbs, I am losing my hair, I have been getting palpitations and out of breathe just going up n down stairs, I was convinced it was all connected to my thyroid but don't know what to think now, can anyone help. Thank you

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Could you tell us what your TSH level was (with the ranges in brackets) please.

Yes your weight gain, hair lose, palpertations and breathlessness is more than likely due to you being undermedicated.

Post all the blood results you have and then people will be able to comment on them.

Moggie x


Hi , I am sorry I did ask what exactly my results were over the phone, this is the first time I have ask and that's all the information they gave me.


Hi neen

As labs differ all over the country (don't know why) in their interpretation of the blood test results, that's why we need the ranges too in order to comment upon them.

Maybe your surgery will give you a print-out of your results which will include the ranges. You should now keep a copy of all your blood test results for your own records. You are entitled to a copy.

Your symptoms do sound hypo and you may be undertreated, that's why we need your results.

Best wishes


Ok thank you for that. Have made an appointment for next tues. morning. Had to deal with a snotty receptionist at my doctors, left me a little frightened to ask too many questions.


You don't need to be frightened. It is your health and some GP's only diagnose by the blood test and say you are fine as your levels are 'in range'.

Just say you aren;t feeling well and have new symptoms and wondered if it could be your thyroid gland and may need a small increase. If she agrees ask also if you can have a B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate too as these are important.



neen, your medication IS T4 so while your result for T4 isn't meaningless, it is far more important what the T4 does for you....... first of all becoming T3 which is the active part and controls metabolism, your heart rate, your temperature, etc. Your hair and nails turn over cells rather quickly, therefore, they give more evidence about your metabolism.

Why did your doctor stop the increase at 75 mcg.? Let me guess; your TSH went to within the normal range? This doesn't necessarily mean that you were at your optimal level. Try to find out what it was and try to increase your medicine and lower your TSH (below 2). Your GP is supposed to dose you until you get rid of symptoms, keep expressing that.


Hi thankyou, last time I was at the Dr I was told I was borderline, and I just accepted that as I felt ok, it only the last month that I have got worse, plus the worry of my weight gain even tho I go to weight watchers,that I am now slightly concerned and also the fact I am still trying to understand my thyroid problems. would it help if by making thing a little clearer about my condition someone could point me in right direction and by this I mean... here goes.

originally I was diagnosed with graves disease I guess thats another name for under active thyroid. I eventually was given the radioiodine capsule which eventually for a couple of years just ended up leaving me slightly overactive. Hospital decided to put me on 100mg thyroxine for a couple of months, and because I mentioned I was having palpitations reduced me to 75mg, discharged me as again was showing borderline and said the dr could deal with it, and have been on the 75mg since last may. Sorry if I seem to be rambling but as I said before its a little confusing.;-/


Oh, poor, neen, you have things turned around a bit. Your Graves made you hyper, erratic anyway so by destroying your gland, now you are underactive or hypothyroid. You are not producing enough thyroid serum to keep your metabolism rate where it belongs for YOU. And that is what everyone needs to do, at least your GP should attempt to prescribe enough to replace what you are missing. Consider this, is your heart racing or struggling to beat? The first one, you may be overdosing, the latter you aren't giving it enough medication. You produce the least thyroid during the night and that's when my heart would start pounding and I needed to increase my Armour. Tell your doctor you would like to have your test results so that you can compare how you feel with what your tests reveal. You should certainly be permitted to do so.

I understand it is all about saving NHS money but you should not jeopardize your health in order for them to stay on budget. So try to find out what that "borderline" number is. Any TSH over 2 is undesirable if you feel unwell. Even over 1, now that you have been treated, can make bad feelings.

I don't know if you have access to YouTube but some short videos by endocrinologists can be helpful.


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