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What next?

Just been with my gp regarding my results which I posted last week. I am so upset. Appaeently I am completely totally normal. He suggested I take multi vitamins and that I have s.a.d. syndrome and I will feel better in the summer. I pointed out that some of the results were in the lower part of the range and his response was 'mmmmm not really'. I suggeared that with my symptoms I was obviously not functioning well on these numbers. He suggested I go to Holland and Barrett and buy some vutamin D and see how I feel in a month!. I mentioned my thyroid and he just said 'no, completely normal'. I know I will probably have to go private but we really can't afford it as I have had to go part time and we aee saving to give my son some money for university. I am crying.

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I am so sorry nursey. I can quite understand you being overcome by your unfeeling doctor. Can you possibly change your doctor and you may get lucky and get one who also takes into consideration your clinical symptoms.

The just do not understand at all - a trial of thyroid hormone is not dangerous if only they had any idea.


I agree with shaws, nursey. A change of doctor could be for the best. Stupid man! I'm sorry things didn't work out for you. But don't give up. If it's any consolation, your thyroid is only going to get worse so one day they will have to recognise the problem! lol (Black humour!Sorry if that sounds callous but it's true.)

Sending good vibrations to help you weather the storm, Grey xxx

No, seriously, he really is an ignorant twit! My response when they respond like that is to keep asking why. Why doesn't it matter that my results are low in the range? Why don't you think my thyroid is a problem? Why? Why? Why? Sometimes works.


I did ask why I felt so bad if things were normal. And why everything was in low end of range perhaps I needed them to be higher to feel better. He said not low enough, too normal. My thyroid has been getting worse. In 2008 it was 2.8, in 2010 3.3 and bnow 3.76. So only a couple more years to go! The biggest why I have is why so nany gp's are like this. From reading this forum I know I am not alone but why do gp'a continously get away with it?


I had this too and despite rapid decline I had to go private to get treatment I needed. Keep fighting but it isn't easy as many sing from the same hymn

Book :-(


Oh, there are lots of answers to that question, but the over-all answer is 'money'! And at the bottom of this conspiracy - for conspiracy it is! - is Big Pharma who are making a mint out of us!!!

It's in their interests to keep the doctors ignorant. What always amazes me is that these so-called men/women of science are happy to just sit there and be dictated to by industry, but there you go. Are they really in it to save lives? I doubt it.

So, what's the answer? We have to fight! At a time in our lives when we feel least like fighting we have to battle our way through this. We have to educate ourselves as much as we can and keep on battering away at the barricades.

Your doctor is obviously totally ignorant. You can tell by his replies to your questions. 'Not really' is not really an answer. It means I don't really know what I'm talking about. He doesn't have the knowledge to answer your questions in any meaningful way. Can't you change your doctor?

Hugs, Grey x


Hi Sorry, not sure if you had TSH T4 and Free T3 tested, If not ,then it may be the answer to have it done privately, it comes with ranges and then show him the results they could be worse than he says.Try and get treatment some how. I recently discovered that a consultant ( nephrologist) had pin pointed hat I was Hypo in 1082. No copies of letter in those days and I was never told. Years later I had to fight to have treatment, and how! I only just discovered this, I am furious. Do not endure years of suffering due to incompetent doctors! Is there another GP in the practice or a Locum when yours is away.? Or any other doc who would refer you?

Good Luck,



I read somewhere that it is helpful to ask in reply to their statement that you are ' normal ' - What is NORMAL ? He means in range which is quite a different matter. What is normal for one is not normal for another. I know I am splitting hairs but it may make him think.....

There is so much information on this forum for you to go well armed next time - and just keep searching for someone that does understand.

Good luck.....


Thanks everyone for your supportive comments. I did have my t3 and t4 done. T3 was 4.2 (range 3.6 - 6.5)and t4 was 14 range 10 .5- 20 . My b12 was 300 (range 180 - 900). I am thinking if writing to the surgery as I feel I can put across my case better in writing. I will ask for a referral. If I am still fobbed off I will have to investigate going private. I work at a gp surgery but only been there 4 weeks so don't feel I can ask a gp there what their thoughts would be. Does anyone know how I find out about a private referral, costs etc???? It's my day off and i have had a busy morning and now feel drained and am collapsed on sofa. It's sunny but cold and I would love to go for walk but the mind is willing but the body ain't.


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