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i'm told I'm in the normal range...feel terrible

been to gp today he provided me with my last results from 3 Aug 17...

FT4 11.1

FT3 4

TSH 0.922

(in july 2016 time of initial diagnosis my FT4 was 50 with mild thyroid eye disease and large goitre)

Been told I am in clinical and biochemical

remission. I have to go back in four months if results are in the normal range I will be discharged. currently on no treatment but feel anxious and depressed prescribed beta blockers...

can anyone help with results I agree with gp they are in the normal range?

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Hello Rachs79

Could you please add the laboratory ranges next to your results? Lab ranges do vary and we need them to make suggestions. You can edit your post by clicking on the down arrow under your post and selecting the edit option, thank you.


As far as i am concerned you now have Central or Tertiary hypothyroid which has beeb caused by the original overactive thyroid

Few doctors even think about this let alone know the difference of that or primary hypothyroid

So go back to your GP and say you sought help from NHS choices website and they strongly suggest that is the reason for your results and symptoms and since leveks of




Vit d3

Are utterly vital in the scenario coukd he please test those too

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I have just left the doctors he authorised all those extra blood tests you have mentioned I have had the blood test so results should come back early next week....



How can you suggest central thyroid without seeing the FT4 and FT3 ranges?


Agreed clutter i have simply assumed that t4 is 10 -21 and t3 3.5 to 6 and we do still need the actual ranges



TSH 0.92 is euthyroid (normal). We need to see the FT4 and FT3 lab ranges to see whether FT4 and FT3 are within range. For sure, your results are not hyperthyroid so you are in remission.

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hi all...I have had blood tests done for b12 vitamin d ferritin tsh f4 and t3 and tpo..Dr said all fine apart from tpo result...dr wants to see me regarding the result....not sure if it's high or low...still taking the propranolol ....I will post what he has to say...he said he couldn't give me the lab ranges for my last test as he didn't have them...


I know this is a pest but you need to phone up the lab. and enquire about the ranges - say it's for your personal records. Knowing something is in range is rarely adequate information and it really helps people to know where you are in the range so that they can comment on your individual circumstances and maybe make helpful suggestions.


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