so confused :( 21 year old has no idea what to do

Hi about 7 months ago I was diagnosed with a very over active thyroid gland with presence of goiter, since then my ranges have been fluctuating from hyper to more recently hypo. I have been placed on various doses of carbimazole to treat the hyper. The latest blood test reveled a normal thyroid range. which I was very pleased about. however I was also told that I had levels of Thyroid Peroxidase at 250. ? could someone please explaine this to me... is it anything to worry about ?

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  • Is that TPO ab - I.e. thyroid peroxidase antibodies? If so that would indicate that you have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, also known as auto-immune hypothyroidism. Hashi's can cause swings between hyper and hypo, although I believe most people end up hypo. This is the most common from of hypothyroidism in the developed world. Xx

  • This website is very helpful. This page is about hyperthyroid or Graves but there are other links:

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