1st April the NHS will be no more, in it's current make up

And I hate to think how this will affect already sidelined thyroid patients.



I think this is very worrying for English, Welsh and Irish patients and the heatlh experts on twitter are also showing great concern. Off to find out how it impacts on Scotland, despite us having a separate National Health Service.

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  • Very worrying indeed, and yes, thyroid patients are already sidelined as you say, so what will be the long term effect of such a devastating change to delivery of patient care in the future? It's the "sneaky" way in which it has been done by politicians too that annoys me; and all in the name of profits! Obviously money is more important than people - what a sad state we have sunk into when profit means more than human life.

  • Excellent summaries , thank you - worrying indeed! L

  • From what we read in the newspapers the NHS appears to have a mafia-type stranglehold on some elements of health-care. You never know, with the new regulations some things may actually improve. Lets hope so!.....

  • What ever happened to good old assassinations? I can't bear to look at David Cameron.

  • Clear info, and thanks. MF x

  • Hi

    The problems wit the NHS has always been poor management, hopefully this may help sort some of those bot unfortunately they (the poor ones) are usually the ones that rise to the top like a lot of other things in life (thinking of politicians). I can only hope something good happens as the last few times I have been to hospital it has been in an ambulance on the blues and have had diverse but excellent service.

    Wonder how things will change with that now, if things like pain management will still be an ongoing item.

    Take care and kindest regards


  • these are too much for me to read i cant concentrate on it or absorb what does it mean in a few words...

  • My feelings are that successive governments have fiddled around at the edges of the NHS and it has steadily become very sick and broken, not patient orientated, and in speaking to those who work within it (i.e. nurses, physios etc. at the coalface) is not a happy place to work either. There is way too much emphasis on hospital numbers and virtually none on chronic care. My greatest wish is that a government in the future will have the courage to break it all up and start again with a system that works. Pigs might fly too! Jane x

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