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There is a link for patients /carers to report their own experiences within ALL areas of the NHS to the CQC---

The six priority Bandings

My surgery appears to be OK---- band 6

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  • More box ticking and money wasted.

  • The criticism that this information should not have been made public seems entirely mis-placed to me. Every time things are hidden away we get a flood of conspiracy theories. If there is a conspiracy,let us know about it. And f there isn't the simple act of hiding makes it that there is one!

    Looked at our surgery - not too bad. But in the 38 questions, not one mention of thyroid, levothyroxine or anything else of specific interest here (so far as I could see).


  • You do have the opportunity to share your experiences here ---good or bad.

    In this instance, it is up to us to let the CQC know of any issues/ problems that we may have.

    This is an opportunity we have not had before.

  • Have you ever dealt with a CQC? I have and its as much of a waste of time as trying to deal with a GP practice. They are not interested in solving any issues or problems but just want everything swept under a carpet and kept hidden.

    Who even gets to fill in the questionaire things for the QCC? sure as hell isnt the patients. Im not sure what the opportunity we have not had before that you think we have now is?

    IMO the whole NHS is corrupt, doesnt give 2 hoots about patients and is all about money :(

  • Yes I have, and my complaint was upheld.

    I really am very sorry that your experience was unsuccessful.

    The CQC is much improved now.

    There is a link for patients /carers to report their own experiences within ALL areas of the NHS to the CQC---

  • Thanks for that link and have made a complaint. Didn't tell them that it's currently with the Health Ombudsman.

    Having being shocked at the disinterest shown by the General Medical Council when I complained about a number of GPs, I am not holding my breath about this lot!

  • I agree Rod, no mention of thyroid or come to it many other well known illnesses.

  • The same with my practice re no mention of thyroid or levothyroxine. I went to my GP yesterday having been referred by my optician to the eye hospital he wanted to check my eyes, he didn't he asked if my eyesight was ok (yes thats not why my optician referred me it's because as a hypo i'm having really bad dry eye syndrome etc) he wouldn't refer me and gave me a prescription for eye drops (with a preservative) which i'd already told him were ineffective complete waste of time :(

  • A letter in the Telegraph yesterday said that in the 90's their practice was told they should emulate Dr Harold Shipman who had very good statistics. It's all box ticking for money now. Labour started the rot by doubling GP's salaries overnight for less work - no weekends

  • Money,for number of patients with diabetes but what about the rest of us??

  • What a pity they did not listen to patients apart from on appointments....

  • Just checked my GP's surgery and of course there are no 'risks' attached even though it is nearly impossible to get an appointment!!

  • It doesn't cover Scotland

  • Of course it doesn't! In Scotland the role of the CQC is fulfilled by the Scottish Commission for the Regulation of Social Care ( ).

    Unfortunately, though we might try to avoid doing so, posters will often fail to address the fact that the four home countries have had an increasing divergence.

  • As far as I can see this doesn't say anything about the quality of care. Its a method for determining how likely it is that a surgery might have issues that warrant inspection, but that might be administrative. I will have to read their report more carefully!

    My surgery copped a 1. This might just have something to do with the fact that they have been having terrible trouble recruiting, so its well nigh impossible to see a doctor.

    I am not sure what their excuse is for a 3 week wait for an early phlebotomy appointment, though. I had to settle for 10.30 am to get my vampire of choice. The other one is seriously cack-handed and usually makes me faint!

  • Yes Ruthi,my hubby had to wait 10 days for a routine blood test, at any time of day.

  • What is best 1 or 6. ?

  • 6

  • What is the banding??

  • Mine's not even on there. I wonder how they escaped?

  • My goodness - 'OK' responses get the surgery a top rating! The bar has been set pretty low. And on things like ease of getting through by phone, in the case of my surgery, heaven knows how they rated 'OK' on that.

    There is a lot of data regarding diabetes and NONE regarding thyroidism that I could see. No wonder we are the poor relation when it comes to research, doctor training and care - we are in direct competition with diabetics. Unmanaged diabetes is considered to lose the country money economically. Why is it wso difficult to get the government to see that poorly managed thyroidism also deprives the country of many people who could be much more economically active than they are, if their thyroidism was properly managed.

  • Mine isn't on the map. it shares a building with another practice run by a different organization and only the other one is there.

  • Another Telegraph letter writer said their surgery was shown under the names of two GPs who had retired years before!

  • This seems pretty useless.

    My GP is located in a Health Centre but only one of the numerous practices based there is listed.

    That one shows as Band 6 on the map but when you actually go to check the report it hasn't been checked yet! Not a lot of good & pretty dubious to give a high Band Number for an unchecked practice.

  • My surgery got a 1. I did just wait two month for an appointment to see my GP.

  • I'm very surprised to see my surgery in Band 1 particularly as it is a large teaching/training practice. I've always found the care very good. I've found it difficult to book appointments which are mainly allotted on a daily basis but I don't think I've ever waited longer than a week to see the doctor of my choice and there is a duty doctor available to triage for those unable to get an immediate appointment.

  • Well I have very little faith in the NHS at the best of times, so I have no faith in anyone's ability to successfully grade these surgeries. In my previous life (in the days when I wasn't unwell and being fobbed off), I had dealings with OFSTED. I assume that the tick boxes that the doctors' surgeries have to achieve will be along the same lines - and ticking a box does not mean that anyone is "good" or "bad".

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