Old News - Vitamin D, sunscreen and melanoma

Old News - Vitamin D, sunscreen and melanoma

American report of a Danish study

"For years, primary care providers have advised patients to use sunscreen as a means to reduce their risk of skin cancer, especially cutaneous malignant melanoma (CMM). However, between 1973 and 2003, the incidence of CMM increased by 81% and continues to increase at a rate of 3% per year.1 According to a 2006 US Environmental Protection Agency publication, “there is no evidence that sunscreens protect you from malignant melanoma.”2 A number of studies suggest that the use of sunscreen either does not significantly decrease the risk or may actually increase the risk of CMM."


Another newsy version...


actual Swedish study...


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  • That's interesting. I bet the multi-million pound sun screen industry just hate to hear that. Still, sunscreen does stop you getting sunburnt. I know 3 people who have had a melanoma removed. One of them was told by her GP she should abort the baby she was carrying at the time (she refused, but he was very angry). All of them are living healthy lives now.

  • MArz, that's awful, but good to hear all OK.

    Personally I think

    1) its dodgy what's in suncream anyway and together with the fact that

    2) it lulls folk into a false sense of security and they stay out longer in full sun instead of only 20min at a time (in UK) meanwhile

    3) they have put cream/oil on and simply cook!

    4) Our advice is based on levels in Australia.

    I'm sure the issue is emotive 'tho as I would be very worried if I had had a melanoma too. J x

  • I've had several cases of pre cancer spots removed (Squamous Cell Carcinomas and Basal Cell carcinomas,) and was told to cover up, long sleeves and trousers even in summer if possible and stay out of the sun. So I did as I was mostly told and if I did go out for a breath of fresh air in summer I wore factor 50 sunscreen. A couple of years later I am found to be Vitamin D deficient. So left wondering if staying out of the sun was not the correct thing to be told, (looking back now, I was very lucky to get the test as I had not asked for it and had no idea I was Vitamin D Deficient.

    Doctor gave me what I was told was a very high dose of vitamin D (Vit D3 1000iu) I asked if it would be D3, no I think D3 is an American term Doc said. I googled the cholecalciferol label on the medication and it said 'D3'.

    I took the 1000iu Cholecalciferol and found a couple of days later it coincidentally improved my tailbone pain, (Doctor said there was no medication to cure tailbone pain, only rub in gel,) I could suddenly get up out of chairs and my bed without so much stiffness, my leg cramps and nightime Restless Leg Syndrome dissapeared. Unfortunately after a week everything returned to back to normal so I asked about vitamin D on here and members wrote back to say vit D3 1000iu was not a high dose, but a maintenance dose, I think I was told to check out the 'Vitamin D Council.com' website and I was amazed at what I was reading on it that around 80%+ of us our Vitamin D deficient.

    I bought some D3 5000iu and as soon as I started to take them within two days all my aches and pains, including tailbone pain dissapeared, I was so amazed at how quick it worked on me, not saying it works for all and so quickly, but my friend also had the same quick relief from her morning stiffness and a month later her pain in her creaky knee dissapeared too.

    If I forget to take my D3 the pains come back with a vengeance within a couple of days, so I do know that D3 is working and good for me.

  • Just adding to my last post Sparerib, since on the vitamin D3, I have had no further spots needing to be removed, other spots I am keeping an eye on have seemed to stop growing, two have even got smaller, so I'm wondering if the vitamin D is helping to destroy the pre cancer cells.

    Vitamin D3 is Definitely worth taking if you do have Basal/Squarmous Cell Carcinomas.

  • Coast, that is such good news, but I appreciate it's scary for some, but I have heard this before.

    As I have often said VitD helped my aches/pains SO much!

    I also think I recently posted about someone who had breast cancer and was advised a healthy diet, inc natural fats and Vit D for chemo recovery by Macmillan nurses. (she also paints her boobs with lugol's iodine)

    Why don't we all have this preventative healthy diet advice? The healthy plate is a joke! I know several breast cancer survivors who've gone onto having Thyroid trouble - they didn't warn them 'tho - but having RAI is a pretty obvious connection to me (Thyroid is an iodine sponge). J :D x

  • That's terrible about the breast cancer patients, I did not know about the link between the two either. I was invited for my breast screening two weeks ago and after long thoughts and lots of read ups about it decided not to have it done.

  • Vit D is well-known for protecting from skin cancer. Which is why so many people wearing sun screen tend to get it.

  • Well I think Vit D3 has certainly helped stopped my pre cancer spots, (so far.)

    I now don't worry so much about sitting out in the sun for a short while to catch up on some natural vitamin D.

  • Good! :)

  • Low D3 implicated in so many serious and chronic conditions.... if you follow grassrootshealth.net and sign up for their Newsletter you will be kept well informed of up to date news. They also have a chart enabling you to work out your dosage based on your VitD blood test result. Just take note of the measurement as it may differ from your lab.


  • Hi Marz,

    Where is it on the Grass Roots page you sign up Marz ? I have had two quick good searches and pokes about on the top bar, but cannot find where you sign up to, probably staring me in the face. :)

  • grassrootshealth.net/news

    In the top right hand corner there is an envelope - click and you can sign up for the Newsletter..... :-) :-)

  • Oops! big enough not to miss, how silly ;) I read 'News Letter', but the 'sign up for' was in tiny blue ink which my eyes did not see. Thanks Marz, (all signed up now.) :) :)

  • :-) M x

  • Big Pharma strikes again!!!

  • Vitamin D & higher dementia rates up north...


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