Paleo diet?

After try numerous fad diets and of course failing miserably, I have recently come across something called the Paleo diet. This seems much better than any other diet I have been on as it involves so much healthy food and is thankfully no starvation diet. I was just wondering if anyone here has been on it and how they found it? Is it easy to stick to and more importantly does it work and make you feel better?!! Thanks.


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  • Yes it's the best diet health wise I've come across! Very hard to stick to but when you do you'll notice a difference. Small steps and see how you go I would say :0)


  • Hi - yes I have been on the Paleo diet for the last couple of years, although I like Chris Kresser's writings on it, as clearly there is discussion over some aspects of it, and what is considered OK and what isn't. He talks about a Paleo template which is more sensible I think.

    Also if you look at Dr Myhill's version which she calls the Stone Age Diet then I know that she has changed this over the last few years too...

    I am struggling with what to eat at breakfast at the moment, as I don't think some of her suggestions (smoked fish and bacon) are a very good idea, and she seems to think that soy is OK whereas there are some who argue against it for a healthy thyroid.

    I have very bad food intolerance and the Paleo diet has helped but the intolerances are not improving, which makes life hard. It has helped with migraine though, which I no longer get.

  • Just realised that the last paragraph does not make sense. It seems that I improve and then things seem to get worse again, as another food has to be crossed off my list, but I don't think that is all to do with Paleo to be fair.

  • I have been on a Low carb (Low Glycaemic Load) diet for about 3.5 years now, and it has largely done what I need it to do, (weight loss, and total control of what was a very uncontrolled blood glucose and hypoglycaemia) so I haven't felt the need to go as far as moving to Paleo which give me the impression of being that little bit harder to comply with, however it certainly has some aspects I think are good... and in any case much reducing the intake of high glycaemic foods is not a bad idea for anyone, let alone people with problems!

    Low carb type diets are certainly NOT easy... but if yours does as much for you as mine does for me, then it will make you persevere! :-)

  • Thank you everyone for the information and the links. I will certainly be looking further into this. I do like the idea of having a diet based on fresh fruit and veg as well as meat and fish. I don't see how I would ever go very hungry doing this, but I do have a very sweet tooth so in that respect I think it may be hard!

    Thanks again


  • Have a look at the 5:2 diet, it is supposed to have health benefits and I have lost 12lbs in 7 weeks on this one. It is good in that you can eat what you want on the other 5 days. Also, other diets have seen me put on weight.

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