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Emotional Week

This week has been really emotional for me. I've cried almost everyday because i felt so low. seems every little thing set me off. I've had times when i've been down but put that down to thyroid issues before now. This time was different because its coming up to my nan's birthday and she has been dead 3 years. I havent been able to grieve properly and now it seems to have caught up with me. I've lost an awful lot of confidence and motivation in myself over the years and thats due to my thyriod i think. has anyone else felt like this?

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Yup, I had a little cry earlier this evening. Stupid really. I have felt too bad to do any housework for the past two days and there is a mountain of washing-up to do in the kitchen, all the surfaces are covered. I wanted to feed the dog and had to balance the bowl and the tin on a tiny corner of the table. I couldn't get the food out of the tin, my hands were shaking so badly. I was poking around with the knife and it was flying everywhere except in the bowl. Finally managed to get enough in the bowl to feed him and thought that maybe my hands were shaking due to low blood sugar - I haven't been eating much lately, the thought of food makes me feel sick - so I decided to treat myself to a sugary drink (yes, I know!) using my new soda maker that I got on Tuesday. Not quite used to it yet. Must have put too much gas in the water, because when I poured the syrup in, it all spouted up like a volcanic whale and went all over the kitchen. I just left the dog-food-covered, sticky, syrupy kitchen and closed the door on the mess. I curled up in bed and cried. It all just seemed too much. I felt I couldn't cope anymore. I guess we all have moments like that for one reason or another. I doubted my ability to carry on fighting, struggling to find something to make me well... But I don't always feel like this. Basically, I'm still strong. A little cry and that makes it better.

My gran died when I was eight. I don't think I ever really got over it. I'm 68 now, so I guess I never will. Such is life.

Much hugs, Grey x


Awww GG, sorry your poorly, and your poor sticky dog.... he/she can always lick herself clean I suppose.

Ive had disasters like that and just left the room as cant cope, till tomorrow, best thing. I call it time out............

Ive been in bed since lunchtime, tired and pain all over, I cant sleep cos ofpain and my head racing around.


Yes, I've been there too! I felt that my hypo left me feeling quite raw at times with my emotions very close to the surface. I'm a believer in having a weep - relieves the pressure. Are you on medication? K


Hi I am sorry, you cannot be having the right treatment. Often docs under medicate. A good consultant ( not usually a GP) goes by how you feel , until you feel better.. If not seeing an endo I would, I would research one very carefully .Then ask the GP to refer you to the one of your choice( not the GP`s) . You need tests for at least TSH, T4 an Free T3 to be sure of the diagnosis and the correct treatment. You may need treatment with Levo and T3 on scripts., Also the other tests associated, especially VIt D ( hormonal ) ,if that is low, then a calcium test for the corrected calcium. D effects calcium and calcium must always be in range. Repeat tests, 3 months until correct dose of D , then ideally 6 monthly.This is really, also an endo field as are the other related conditions that need testing.

You will get better with the correct treatment, it does take a while.

Best wishes,



I'm going through this too - just had a week of feeling like I'd lost all resilience - and I thought I was overmedicated, but maybe this is undermedicated. I think being hypo often affects your ability to process emotions and they seem to spill out at odd times. I often have difficulty empathising or feeling love, but this has never been an issue for me before (ie I'm not a psychopath lol). I think me tearfulness and/or coldness are thyroid related. (I also have had a weird thing where I feel full of love and warmth on the first and second days of my period, so there could be other hormones involved here.)


So sorry to hear about your tearfulness, I thought it was just me. Thank goodness it isn't. I was always up at six in the morning busy doing housework, getting hubby of to work and the children off to school. Now I sit about doing nothing watching some thing on th t.v. (but don't ask me what), I drag myself to the kitchen an make a drink of tea if there is a cup clean if not I settle for water. The kitchen can be covered in pots and I can't be bothered to do them. The ironing is piling up so much that I stay in my pjs all day because all the clothes need washing or ironing. Then at 3 in the morning the energy kicks in and I set to and blitz the kitchen and wash and iron. That will take me to 10 in the morning, by then I am so tired and every joint in my body hurts so I go to bed for a few hours and hope I can sleep. This happens at least twice a month, which drives me crazy. I just start to be good for a while and it starts all over again, it is a vicious circle.Today is a day when the pots are piling up againand so is the ironing. I came out of the kitchen and sat at the beast(computor) and feel a little better because I have read the other comments and realise it is not me on my own. Hope it gets better soon, I need some sleep.


I hate to see this suffering which may be unnecessary and can be fixed if a bit of research and education is done,,,,,,Have any of you looked in to B12 deficiency? Everyone blames mood on thyroid levels these do have to be right but sometimes other issues such as aneamia due to B12 deficiency and or iron deficiency are over looked and are linked to low thyroid function. The levels the gp looks at in these areas are wrong, wrong, wrong and they will send you home saying all is well -- when you know it isn't. Trust your own body.....

I know from bitter experience 10 years of mucking around wtih thyroid meds, Ikeep themi in the right place but until two months ago I researched B12 please do yourselves and life changing favour and read look at this stuff...

You must grasp that the blood test the GP does for B12 does not help and even if in the normal range, if your body can't use the B12 for several reasons this can break down.

If your gp won't help just get yourself some patches or under tongue spray and see if you improve ....

this has been tweeted by the chairmanof the BMA

The pernicious aneamia society's site is down at present but there are case studies there and very knowlegeable people.


I agree with you auldreekie.

I suffered with thyroid depression and was on medication for several years. After looking into Vit B12 and low iron. I have stopped anti-depressants and started to take ferrous fumarate from doc and Vit B12 (amongst a few other vits and minerals). The transformation in my mental and physical well being has been dramatic to say the least and only started on 2&1/2weeks ago!

Trustie and greygoose please give it ago. It is worth a try :-) hope you all feel better soon. X


Hi W3ndy, glad you got off those pesky anti depressants the gps would rather dole those out (within their guidelines) than get tot he bottom of the problem. Once you get the B12 in your systems it is AMAZING isn't it - the mood change is radical.

I got lucky and the third gp I went armed with my new knowledge offered me injections virutally as I walked in the door, saying it can do no harm!! I nearly fell over! The injections worked within hours unfortunately I have to wait 3 months for blood test which will show 'normal' levels of B12 because the tests always have and my miracle injections will stop! I am using the patches and sublingual to help but the patches only last me two days (supposed to last five).

I have bought B12 from Germany (daft thing is you have to have a script in the UK but it's over theocunter in many european countries!), and have syringes and am going to self inject.

I couldn't believe how well I felt during the loading injections - like a normal person!

I have microcytic anaemia too (iron) but ferrous fumarate gives me pain so taking spa tone liquid sachets 1/2 per day...


thanks so much for all your comments and info guys. i've really taken it onboard and gonna start looking into things and finding more stuff out about the treatments you've all recommended. I'm due to see the nurse tomorrow about having some blood tests done forr thyroid levels and also my weight issues too.

I went to docs last week and cried on him! he didn't know where to look but he was very kind and listened to me. I've also booked some private counselling sessions to help me out, and i don't ever want to havr another week like last week again!


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