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Can Hypothyroidism cause depression?

I have had an under-active thyroid now for four years and every so often it gets on top of me, but lately i've had times when i've felt emotional and really down. has anyone else been affected by it?

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Absolutely a resounding YES!

Have a look at the list of mental and emotional symptoms on our main Thyroid UK website here


and also on our main site, read a relevant recent patient case study here




The most likely cause for your depression is that you're on too little thyroid hormone replacement.

What dose of levothyroxine are you on?

And what were your most recent thyroid test results? If you don't know, get in touch with your GP surgery and ask for the actual numbers - do not accept the word 'normal' -, then post them here for people to comment.

By numbers, I mean the test result along with the accompanying lab range (which is usually in brackets after the test result number).


Hi Trusty

I would say yes, but there are different types of depression. About 25 years ago my dad died suddenly and yes I suffered from depression and only got better with medication.

When I started having really bad hypo symptoms four years ago and went to the doctor she told me that I was depressed and prescribed the same anti's and sent me to physio for the aches and pains. I refused to take them and explained I knew what that type of depression felt like and it wasn't that, but I was feeling depressed becaused I felt ill and couldn't function properly a totally different feeling.

I am still feeling very depressed now due to continuing thyroid problems, but feel it is not a medical issue for medication in my case. I would describe the difference as previously I felt there was no hope and now with the illness I know there is hope of eventually getting better.

Obviously everyone is different, just my input x


Very good point :) And sometimes, it can be a mix of the two. Feeling down because of 'life event' circumstances, and being pulled down at the same time due to thyroid hormone imbalance, thus making it harder to cope with the 'life event' issues.


Hi RedApple

I'm on the dosage of 225mg levothyroxine, and was told my thyroid levels were stable for now, but i'm due to get it tested again soon so i'll ask for the numbers when i go. Incidentally, a friend of mine has just been told she may have a goitre caused by the thyroid gland so i want to point her to this website, but i cant find the link on here to share it with her?


The link for this support site is thyroiduk.healthunlocked.com (You can copy and paste that rather than click on it)

You could also just point your friend to our main website, where she will see the 'Join our community' box on the homepage


Lots of information there too!


225mcg is quite a high dose.

Are you taking the levothyroxine on an empty stomach, just with water, and not eating or drinking anything else for at least half an hour?

And if you are taking any other medications or supplements, are you taking them at the same time? If you are, this may be blocking the absorption of the thyroid medication.


Hi RedApple

I'm also taking Ramipril for high blood pressure and i take it at the same time i take the levothyroxine every morning. could that also be affecting the depression?


I don't think taking the Ramipril at the same time as levo is a problem (need to double check that though).

But low mood is a listed side effect of ramipril. So yes, it might be contributing to your mental health issues.

See here


Blood pressure problems can be caused by wonky thyroid hormone levels (but not always of course). So I would say this is also a good reason to investigate whether your thyroid condition is being optimally treated.


This is also a link



I don't find that the condition depresses me as much as the job force and public depresses me. They just don't understand my struggles because they are shallow and only look at the outside - very judgemental!! I am very able physically to work without major fatigue issues. My problem comes from the fact that I appear "normal" as opposed to a Downe Syndrome worker, but I find that my abilities and limitations are similar to theirs. They get the benefit of the doubt if mistakes are made with a caring explanation of the wrong behavior. They also get hired sooner than I do because they can get the employer a store tax benefit that we as hypothyroid individuals are not able to do. When I did get hired by a company I was hired on a "seasonal basis" which allowed the manager to let me go at the end without any requirement of explanation. I know the reason; but it hurts that I am the one they always let go first as they don't understand why I do what I do. In a previous job, when management changed to a far less understanding individual, I would only be acknowledged for a mistake and it was publicly stated. I don't get promoted as my hardest work is only equal everyone else's normal work pattern. I tried for ten years to be at the front desk as a Customer Service agent instead just a cashier, I was never offered that opportunity,

We, as hypothyroid patients, often are very tender-hearted individuals and it makes it very easy for people to use us to their advantage. I now use the expression "used and abused". No matter how strong I was for getting out of a Narcissistic marriage, other men still trap me in a relationship with kind words in the beginning to "hook" me then use me when they want company and ignore me when they don't. I ended that relationship, but I am very angry and hurt that men believe there is nothing wrong with their behavior.

So, yes, indirectly hypothyroidism depresses me as there is no protection in leading a normal, slightly off-center life.


Unfortunately YES, it does. I had no history of depression before I got Hashi but the hormonal depression caused by underactive thyroid really scared me... It was like being in a deep, dark hole with no way out. Scary!



I am a certified elementary teacher and often substitute but I find that they will use me but never really consider my teaching seriously for a full time position.


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