Can anyone recommend a good book about thyroid conditions ?

Can anyone recommend a good book about thyroid conditions, fairly in depth, but

not so much as to confuse a bear with little brain.

E.g. tests and what they mean and the optimal levels to aim for, types/conditions,

what to expect, how it can effect the body, Tips on what and how to discuss with

doctor, suppliments needed; what to take with what (e.g Iron needs Vit C) and when.

(Perhaps I will need a separate book just about vitamins)

I'm thinking I've got the hang of it all only to find out somethiing else that makes me

think I haven't got an idea at all.

Many Thanks

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  • Hello, There are several here - - they are all helpful.

    or if you'd prefer it you can borrow from TUK's lending library before purchasing your own copy -

    Jane x x

  • Thanks Jane,

  • Dr Peatfield's book is good for bears with little brains :-)

  • thank you :-) will try before I buy

  • Understanding thyroid disorders by dr Toft is useful, if on thyroxine.

    Stop the thyroid madness by Janey Alexander Bowthorpe is good if you are interested in NDT.

    Dr Ps book is also excellent

  • Thanks :-)

  • Tears Behind Closed Doors by Diana Holmes is another's experience. I couldn't believe what some have to go through.

  • Thanks :-)

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