New receptionist

New receptionist

Is this story familiar?

I ring the surgery for a blood test, and get a new receptionist.

Hi I'm due a blood test before my visit to the ENT clinic after my partial thyroidectomy, do I need to see the GP or just see the phelbotomist? (wrong - open question - I meant I don't usually see the GP, waste of time, just need TFT tests done before hospital visit).

'Well we'll see about that... (strange tumbleweed moment)... but there is a cancellation 'tho 9.30 Wednesday'.

Great, I'll take it and see, thanks. Do you have my last tests from the hospital (October)?


Hmm OK thankyou.

I turn up and get TFT (thyroid function) blood test with nurse - no problem.

A week later - I ring and ask for results, and explain again, to take to hospital.

'No, I can't tell you'

OK, but the hospital ask me to bring my results with me. (er sort of... well they've lost one MRI, X-ray and ultrasound etc)

'No. The doctor will have to give you them'.... (tumbleweed).... 'it says "normal no action" anyway ' (deep breath, remember to be nice...)

OK no worries, I'll call by for a print out before I go then.

'Yes that's fine, it will be ready'.

eh? cause more work? I really don't know what they've been told to say... confused!

If I don't get one, I will be miffed and politely quote the freedom of info act (2000) and rights to see my WHOLE records i.e. NHS website!

J :D

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  • :-)

    Data Protection Act 1998


  • Oh yes, oops, anyway I'll quote both - just in case! lol! :D

  • It is frustrating when they cannot give you your blood tests, especially when you need it for another appointment. It's our information.

  • Hi Long ago I had this argument, Now GP has instructed the receptionists to give me a print out for me to adjust my drugs and for all my consultants, I already have 1 to 3 bloods done a week,I do not want to have them all repeated., I only have one vein where blood will flow out! When ever there is a new receptionist I have trouble. Last week, I was given a totally wrong result ( they had forgotten to put this one in the "secret" envelope that my husband collected. He forgot to look in the car! The whole thing is stupid. Fight!


  • Hi there,

    The lack of training around consumer rights in GP practice is nothing less than tragic. The lack of receptionist training is even worse (if that is possible). Actually, having said that, my surgery have recently started encouraging receptionists to print out intervention reports, which includes blood tests.

    I find the best person to talk to is the Practice Manager - he was fantastic. I ask him for my records and to collate information and he is delighted to help.

    Good luck Spareribs.



  • No point in me writing to practice manager as she was a bolshie receptionist, worse now than she was before the promotion.

    I made a complaint about the surgery to managing partner who passed me down to practice manager. :-(

  • Don't you just hate it when receptionists think they're God? I have one at my surgery. I am done arguing with her! When she answers when I telephone, I say wrong number and wait for the next one.

  • From my life experience over 74 yrs. it seems to me that sort are inadequate and only use aggression and ignorance to hide the fact.

    The bit that really gets me they are so often wrong.

    At our surgery they don't a;ways give their name and as don't see and speak very often don't get to know the voices.

    I am afraid I wouldn't be so polite as to say sorry ( anywhere else I always appologise) just put phone down, or say oh sorry could I speak to someone who can really help me.

  • I find asking for the receptionists' names ensures better manners Good to build evidence for future complaints and to provide a veiled threat.



  • Brilliant conflict avoidance!

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