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Has anyone had tests done for toxins, food intolerance, bacteria, sex hormones, leaky gut, adrenal, kidney & liver health? Worthwhile?

According to many sites this is all important and need to get this done to improve/stop the Hashimoto's disease getting worse. Has anyone had this checked and been able to get treated? My last results of any significance: Total T3 - 0.92; (I thought the FREE T3 was the important one to test for), Free T4 - 1.27; TSH - 2.088; Ferritin - 18.77. I'm hoping to cure it all with God's help. I'm on 50 ug Levothyroxin which has improved my TSH levels but still have all the symptoms as before. So something's not right.

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Have you got any ranges with these results and they look low.

I have had a food intolerance test done (Coeliac) which is for wheat and gluten as quite a few thyroid sufferers find that they can no longer tolerate these and am awaiting results.

I am just about to have an adrenal test done.

Have you had your VitD or B12 checked?

Moggie x


Hi Moggie, Thanks for your reply. I'll put the ranges in brackets: Total T3 0.92 has gone down by 0.10 in 3 months (Ref. Range 0.58-1.59) TSH 2.088 ulU/ml (0.35-4.94) TSH was 4.6556 over 3 months ago. Vit B12 492 pg/ml (189-883) Ferritin 18.77 ng/mL (6-233). Free T4 1.27 ng/dl (0.7 - 1.8) it was 1.16 over 3 months ago. Thyroglobulin Abs. (Anti - TG) 51.57 (less than 4.11) was 73.3. Thyroid Peroxidase Abs. (Anti-TPO) 486.62 IU/ml (less than 5.6) TPO was 961.87 over 3 months ago. TSH Receptor Abs 1.099 U/L (Negative:=<1.0 U/L; Equivocal: 1.1-1.5 U/L; Positive :>1.5 U/L). Total 25-OH Vitamin D 44 ng/ml (Deficiency: <12 ng/ml; Insufficiency: 12-30 ng/ml; sufficiency: >30 ng/ml. My Vit. D was 26.5 just over 3 months ago so the endocrinologist put me on Vit D3 capsules 10,000 IU (Cholecalciferol) once a week. On 2 or 3 occasions I've had my bilirubin levels tested and it has always been 1 point over the range suggesting Gilbert's Syndrome. I've yellow hands and feet for over 12 years now which seems to be on the list for Hypo and Gilberts. I'm taking a variety of supplements and have now included iron tables regularly for the low ferritin. I took iron tabs to prepare for my hysterectomy (performed 2 months ago) as advised by the gynecologist but other doctors had not advised this and when I asked the endocrinologist I was concerned about the low ferritin she said it's in range so don't worry and then went on to say I would need to see a Haematologist to explain it to me...It seems the T3 is getting worse instead of better (although I was on antibiotics due to an infection near the urethra area. Infection may be due to the Lichen Sclerosus (another autoimmune disease!) I have and / or the catheter used during the (partial) hysterectomy. I'm happy with the anti-bodies and TSH going down. I think my anti-bodies had shot up so much last time because I had been having liquorice herbal tea and liquorice sweets which are supposed to be good for your adrenals and your adrenals need to be healthy for the T4 to convert into T3 but recently I read that liquorice is not good for people with Hashimoto's!

It's all so confusing.. another example I was reading on the internet that people with Hashimoto's should not take iodine supplements but recently I've read it's okay to take iodine supplements with selenium. The ideal thing to do is be tested on deficiencies.

I'm interested to hear how your wheat//gluten and adrenal tests go. I'm hoping to get my antibodies down to be in the range and my thyroid to recover so that I don't need to take Levothyroxin.

Best of luck


Can I humbly suggest you have a look at my blogs over the past couple of weeks. I'm pulling the whole mess apart - adrenals-thyroid-gut-immune system plus oestrogen dominance and autoimmune related conditions. Your thyroid test results look odd - can you include the reference ranges? T3 and T4 look low vs TSH but it's hard to be sure without the ranges.

I've got Hashimoto's plus pernicious anemia (B12, ferritin affected) this affects gut.

One of the big insights is adrenals are stuffed. I've changed the entire way I'm managing things based on thyroid-adrenal-gut-immune system tests I've recently done. So in answer to your question - YES. Because ALL these systems are linked AND symptoms overlap when they're out of balance; therefore treating one in isolation may not resolve your symptoms...


I've had adrenal, liver, sex hormones and coeliac done. All ok except adrenals which were on the way out! But the problem is, after having them done and finding there's a problem, do you have a competant medical practicioner to help you with them? I was lucky that the doctor who tested the adrenals was also capable of treating them, but I've seen many doctors who don't even seem to know where they are! (And I'm not joking! Well, only a little bit.)

I'm not trying to discourage you, but it is something to think about.

Hugs, Grey


Thanks, sorry to hear your adrenals aren't so good. What symptoms did you have with your 'on the way out' adrenals? Hope they get sorted. It would still be good for me to know the state of my adrenals though.

Hugs back,


This article explains low adrenal symptoms better than I could :

Hope you get things sorted soon.

Hugs, Grey


Another reason may be that you are on a low dose of levothyroxine, 50mcg. This is a link but some of the links within may not work as it is an archived site. Cursor to question April 22, 2007

Unfortunately, our GP's know very little about metabolism and the effect of too little thyroid gland hormones. The dose referred to in the link is 75mcg and you are on 50.

We should aim to have a TSH below 1 but some GP's like to keep you within 'normal' range but if we still have symptoms we should have enough meds to even suppress the TSH.


Hi First of all my endo says that the Free T3 test is the only T3 test any use, the Lab did mine wrongly once by mistake! Start with getting the thyroid right. and also get the other thyroid related tests Ferritin ( you know ), B12,+Folic acid.(hormonal) diabetes ( hormonal and autoimmune). Vit D ( hormonal) , if D low ,calcium checked before and and during treatment, calcium must always be in range and goes up with taking D,also Caeliac test is useful, although not 100%reliable.If you think you have an absorption problem, Faecal elastase for the Pancreatic enzymes, that is a stool test., LFT`s and U`s and Es are fairly standard blood tests but you do not need them unless other problems.If you decide to take magnesium , blood test first and some on treatment. it has a tiny range and must always be in range. i have Hashi ( many years) you cannot guess about other autoimmune conditions, there are lots. You treat them or not ( as the case may be) when they turn up. good multivitamin and mineral tablet, the best ifs good. Also co-enzyme QT but if other conditions it is some times unsuitable.

I hope this gives you some ideas.



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