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Are the effects of thyroxin immediate on taking?

Basically I've been taking Nutrithyroid for the last year (+NAX) under Dr Peatfield and while I noticed lots of improvements in some areas, not so much in others. NT seems to work very well on the bowels which I was please about at first and my hair stayed in and looked a lot better on it.

However I still continued to suffer from poor sleep, dizziness, anxiety & headaches/migraine. I would often wake about 3.00 am feeling anxious & not able to get back to sleep.

I stopped taking NutriT three weeks ago after which time became constipated and more anxious, had a migraine.

Managed to purchase some Thyroxin on-line (thyronorm) 25 mcg and took one the other morning and within half an hour I felt much calmer, anxious thoughts had subsided and the feeling of being on a roundabout about to take off subsided. This is the third day on it and now and already staring to feel less anxious. I'm still slightly constipated but hope that will improve.

I had a blood test in February which was TSH 2.85 (0.2 - 4.5) & FT4 12.7 (9 - 24)

I'm now self-mediating as my doctor considers me euthroyd.

Sorry this is a long question, but would I notice the effect of Thyroxin this quickly or is it just a placebo effect?

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Sorry about the errors. Have just re-read this & seen loads. Another thing my pulse actually went down this morning after taking thyroxin. It was 63 on waking and went down to 52. I feel so calm it's like taking a tranquilizer. Is this right?

Flo B


I can feel a difference within an hour of taking thyroxine. I feel a lot perkier and 'wth it'.


me too immedite effect. i feel surges to my head. regards brenda


Taking my levothyroxine at bed-time, I do feel that a certain impact within a fairly short time of taking it - and I am sure I sleep better because I take it. That was true from my very first 25 mcg tablet.

Some people don't appear to notice anything at all until they have been on quite a dose and even then, don't notice the impact of a single tablet. Odd how different we are.



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