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Does anyone take their thyroxine at night?

I've always taken my thyroxine first thing on a morning and then waited an hour to have something to eat, but I'm currently suffering with morning sickness and although I've only been sick a few times I'm feeling really sick first thing. I feel like I need to eat something even if it's just a plain cracker I was thinking of taking my medication on an evening but would this effect my sleep?

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I was diagnosed in December and at first took my tablets in a morning but found having to wait before eating a nightmare. I have now switched to taking them just before I go to bed around 10.30 and find that I sleep better. Make sure there is sufficient time lapse between your evening meal to ensure your stomach is empty for maximum absorption. Hope your morning sickness soon subsides.


Thanks Jojo I'm going to give it a try as I'm struggling on a morning at the moment.


I am on T3 now but was on Thyroxine for 33 years and apart from the first year I have always taken it at night, just before I settle down to sleep. I kept my thyroxine right next to my bed and since my last food is never later than about 8 or 9pm at the very latest, it is simple. I also found it worked better (until I could no longer convert, but that's another story!).

I suppose if I were a night owl going clubbing etc that would not be practical, but I have never been.

You might like to see the poll conducted by TUK and also some of the comments.


I decided to take mine at night too as it is more convenient, however I am finding that I have about a 3 hr period of being awake, so I took this morning to see if I sleep thru tonight


Loads of previous really helpful info elsewhere on this forum re optimum timings for taking meds - personally I think it's tailored to the individual's metabolic rate.

I was initially advised by GP to take at night but found it effected my sleep patterns so on the advice of administrators here am now successfully taking before I get out of bed in the morning (washing down well with a medium to large glass of water!), then avoiding dairy (apparently effects absorption?) in my morning cuppa & waiting about an hour before I eat.

If you wake in the early hours for the loo you could try taking then - hopefully if you can get back to sleep you'll then be "safe" to eat on rising so minimise the morning sickness?

Good luck & congratulations on your impending happy event!

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No one has ever mentioned to me about eating and my thyroxine... I do take mine in the morning. Fortunately I don't eat straight away.They did want me to take a split dose because they felt it might stabilise me more but I kept forgetting my evening dose. I don't see that it matters when you take it...


Yeah - it's the forgetting that complicates matters.



Have a read of this poll and the comments on it:

A wide range of views - I felt better sleep was one of the first things I noticed!

Changing to bed-time dosing can the a similar effect to a small increase in dose.That might actually be desirable in pregnancy - but if you have already had the sort of increase often recommended for pregnancy (e.g. 25 mcg a day more), then be extra careful.

The other thing is that if you are actually being sick, you could be getting rid of some of the levothyroxine before you have absorbed it. That could be a very important issue.



I take mine just before going to sleep, with water and I usually sleep very well - only take 50 or 75 though as T3 is my main treatment


I always used to take mine at night, I take it now in the morning just cos I read u should but I don't notice any difference x


I have always taken my thyroxine at night, I would def recommend it , easier aswell , I mean you are going to eat less in the eve generally, , and then you are free to eat breakfast when u get up! Give it a try, I sleep ok too xxx


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