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Worried about daughter

Hi all my daughter is 24 she has had a goitre for 2 years now she has nodules as well. she has a son aged 6. She has had 2 miscarriages since having goitre at the moment she is 6 weeks pregnant had to rush her to hospital last night because she was bleeding. I am convinced she has thyroid trouble but no one is listening to me they look at me as if im stupid not sure where to go from here regarding getting her the treatment she needs had TSH keeps coming back negative. i have hashi,s and so does my mum so it is in the family and i know that TSH doesnt tell all the story she has other symptoms she is always exhausted her hair falls out she has aches and pains headaches she is always cold. anybody any ideas. if she has thyroid trouble this baby could be born with problems if this is not looked at soon really worried xx

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Hi! Sorry to hear about your daughter. I was diagnosed with hyperactive thyroid (grave's disease) after my son was born back in 2004. To make my story short, I can tell you that I recognise in what you describe here as typical side effects of thyroid problems. I had two miscarriages too, before I got pregnant with my daughter and I am sure it was because of the thyroid..

Your daughter should ask her GP to refer her to an Endocrinologist and have tests done ASAP.

Hope it can help. Good


Has your daughter told the Gp that you have hashimotos? You could get a tsh FT4 and FT3 blood test with genova diagnostics (private). Ive not done that myself but im sure others on here could advise you on how to do it. when was the last time she had a tsh test? it could be different again. I would try to get the blood tests done again maybe go with her to the docs?

I think at this point if you can go private do it. Thyroid uk have a list of docs who specialise in thyroid problems or even see a different GP and see what they say.

Im sorry your daughter is suffering like this and hope things are sorted soon xx


demand from your GP that she is tested for antibodies (both types of antibodies, the peroxidase and the Thyroglobulin), say that as you have the autoimmune thyroid problem and she has a goiter/nodules that is why (goiters and nodules are quite common in hashimotos)


Hi At very minimum she needs a TSH, T4 and Free T3 test, just TSH is useless.Also ,I am assuming she has had a biopsy for the nodules, standard practice but does not always happen!

Best wishes for you both,



hi thanks for getting back to me i am going to demand tests and an emergency appointment with endo this week i am going to take her private if they refuse to do any tests they did tsh but i know from experiance that tsh is not the only test that should be done my thyroid peroxidase was 810. she hasnt had a biopsy keep telling them if frightens me because they do not even know if they are cancerous Im going to war on this one took them 2 years to find out i had hashi,s endo still doesnt think thats all that is wrong me. will keep you posted on what happens xx


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