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More rubbish days than good

im having a rubbish day today...eyes puffy ,dark under eyes,what i call the "thyroid headache" and generally sleeping most of my day off work!.....not good is it....ive asked to see an endo so im just waiting to see what happens because to be honest i really dont know what the 125mcg of thyroxin is actually helping these days? ....i want to try this Armour ive read about thing is i deffo know i shouldnt feel this rubbish all the time...:(

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Hang in there! We all feel rubbish and trying to get somewhere.

Good Luck!

PR x


Hi Make sure the GP has tested your TSH, T4 and Free T3. We often need T3 on a script in addition to Levo ( T4). Armour contains both but then you are condemed to always buying it on a private script. You will feel better when the treatment is right. Have a copy of your results + ranges and post them for us to look at for you.If you see an endo , make sure it is your choice and not the GP`s.



Hi, feeling the same...yet another waste of my days off as they are being spent sleeping. Just requested a list of my thyroid results from the surgery as suggested on here and will post them to see endo end of the month who has previously told me that he doesn't rate Armour saying it's a waste of money ! 5 years on and still suffering it may be time to do the same as you and look into it ?



Armour has been saving lives for almost 100 years. What an awful thing to say to you. It contains what your body needs but not exactly in the same ratio since pigs are not exactly human but in your doctor's case, that may not be true. Your T4 is synthetic. It is made in a lab and so is T3. Many people do NOT do well on synthetics.


Oh Heloise you made me smile with your throw away comment on the doctors questionable species. Like it. :-)


LOL, you noticed, you sharpie!

It is a shame that some of these doctors have lost their humanity.


I sometimes wonder if they ever had any humanity to lose.

I know they have a stressful job but as the saying goes, "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen"

What really gets to me is the arrogance and know all. I would have a lot more respect for them if they don't know something they would say so, and say something like "I really can't answer that, but will try and find out" instead of turning on me because I have asked a question.

Reminds me of my school days when question asking was taboo..


I'll let you in on a secret. I believe we all are given the opportunity to show what is in our heart and I guess that means some will have to be victimized but eventually there will be justice for all. In the meantime we have to outwit these devils:)


u all sound like i do have u been check for fibromalgia cos one can go with the other if u got it your body is hell on legs cos i have both


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