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Currently on a trial of 25mg levo given to me by a Locum gp

6 weeks on, got new blood test results from receptionist, everything normal.

TSH 1.4 (0.35-4.94)

T4 12.0 (9.0-19.1)

T3 4.35 (3.6-6.5)

My question is are these now acceptable levels or do I need an increase?

Hopefully will see the locum tomorrow as I fear my own gp will take me off meds

I am feeling better in myself, not so 'doom and gloom'. But still have alot of the symptoms

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Good to hear you're feeling some improvement!

Symptoms can take much longer than six weeks to resolve, so it's probably a little too soon to really assess if you're on an appropriate dose at this point.

That said, those test results do give scope for a cautious increase. GP might be reluctant, but if you get the opportunity, you could ask for an increase of say 25mcg on alternate days (or if you get scored tablets, a pill cutter would enable you to split the tablets and take 37.5mcg each day).


Thanks for the reply :-)

GP said he had the dilemma of T4 being in range but on the low side, which would account for how I was feeling. He has upped the dose to 50mcgs and I'm to have bloods tested again in 2 months.

As I still have some of the 25mcg tablets left I'm going to take 37.5mcg first, then start the 50mcg tablets


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