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Vitamin D - has anyone else been prescribed 50,000 iu a day for 6 days with 50,000 iu a month for 6 months for vitamin D deficiency?

This seems a high amount to me and I just wondered if anyone else had been prescribed this amount (or anything similar) If so, did you have any side effects please and what time of day did you take it (and how far away from thyroxin)?


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Last year, Pulse (the GP "magazine") had ten top tips for vitamin D and included this:

5. Treat with a loading dose followed by a maintenance regimen.

Vitamin D deficiency is treated with oral calciferol in the bioequivalent forms of either ergocalciferol (vitamin D2, from yeast) or cholecalciferol (vitamin D3, from fish or lanolin).

Loading therapy replenishes vitamin D stores – then patients are continued on a lower maintenance dose.

Adults can be treated with 20,000-50,000IU of vitamin D2 or vitamin D3 once a week for eight weeks, or its equivalent of 2,000-6,000IU of vitamin D2 or vitamin D3 daily, followed

by maintenance therapy of 1,000-2,000IU daily.

(Hope link works for you.)

I am not that impressed by the ten top tips, but their loading dose is way below what you are being offered.

Also, the vitamin D council, who are usually quite hot on these issues say:

Can I take more than 10,000 IU per day?

Wanting to raise vitamin D levels quickly, some people choose to supplement with amounts higher than 10,000 IU per day until target levels are achieved. When using vitamin D in these amounts, frequent monitoring of blood levels (preferably as supervised by your physician) as well as adequate magnesium intake are advised. Once blood serum levels are optimized, daily amount should be lowered to the amount necessary to sustain these levels. How much is needed will be unique to the individual, but it should be somewhere around 5,000 IU per day.

Obviously, your choice. Mine was to supplement with around 4800 to 6000 a day over a longer period. (In fact, I started much lower to ensure that I had no bad effects at all - now I think I was over-cautious.)



Hi First make sure your corrected calcium is in range. Then it is usual to increase doses of D , 3 monthly after repeat tests, for both.,until stable. This is the safest way.I used to have 3 times the maximum recommended dose by NICE, I had to stop it a year ago, so cannot remember the exact amount. A pharmacist would know.

Best wishes,



Have just commented on your other question and added this link

Moggie x

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I think you should be doing cartwheels you must have an enlightened doctor...

I had virtually no vitamin D in May last year .

I had to request Vitamin D test although I clearly was low . GP offered Prozac & Betablockers & sleeping tablets first & then said Vitamin D a bit low a multi vitamin will be fine .....

Argggh I said no thank you to the drugs but I need 60,000 IU per month ... Both my boys are on 40,000 & 50,000 per week we have all been on this level for 8 months ... Calcium levels so far have been fine .

I have a book that gives a table on to work out how much you need I will find it later .


Thanks for your comments. I didn't realise how important vitamin D is. It woud be interesting to have info on the table if you can find the book.

My doctor suggested I see this private endo, which I did yesterday after being uncertain whether I was doing the right thing. But he certainly knew his stuff and at long last, after 6 years, I feel as though I am finally getting somewhere.

I had been on Prozac for more years than I can remember and have just taken myself off of it. So far the only difference is that I feel slightly more in-tune with everything. I certainly didn't feel any 'happier' on it!

I hope you get yourself sorted out soon. There certainly is still hope!

Best wishes



Like purplemummy's gp, mine was rubbish at doing anything about my vitamin d. I found this very helpful:


Hi Kathy. I have been on citrolopram 20mg daily for several years. I have just stopped taking anti-depressants (without my Drs knowledge!!! Oops naughty me :-),) and started a selection of vitamins and supplements -11 days ago. Whilst on anti-d's I felt numb, no real highs or lows just even steady emotions. Since stopping I have a few positive reactions. Like you I 'feel in-tune' :-) Amongst which are:- I am happier - find everything funny or amusing - I cried at a tv programme on Sunday (I haven't done that for years!). My eye sight and hearing have become clearer- both dull and fuzzy before. My body has come to life :-) whenever I move or walk or think, every nerve in my body is like a little fire work or mini explosion. It feels very strange, but exciting :-) I hope this lasts and I don't wake up tomorrow in the depths of depression again!! Not sure if it is the new vits and supps doing this or stopping anti-d's or both! Only time will tell.:-) I wish you luck with your Vit D3 supplements. I take vit d3 too but only 1000iu daily. I take magnesium 250mg daily as I've read vit d reduces magnesium levels sometimes. Good luck have a good day x


Exactly! That's just how I felt. I won't be taking antidepressants again in a hurry. The endo I saw said that boosting my vitamin D would certainly make me have more energy and feel more alive - just what most of us want, so why do the doctors prescribe antidepressants routinely, but won't prescribe vitamin D very easily?

Is it worth seeing your doctor to see if he will prescribe vitamin D - some will I believe? Or perhaps taking a higher dose of vitamin D as I understand 1000iu daily is a maintenance dose and you may need more. Have you had your vitamin D level tested?

Kathy x


Sorry that should have read 60,000 IU per week for me .


That's interesting. How do you get hold of a high dose like that - I had to get mine through a private endo who is expensive? Do you feel better for it?



On prescription initially Pro D 20,000 IU I take 3 per week .

However an idiot Doctor then got involved - ( who doesn't know me or my History ) . I had a blood test to see how I was doing - it had improved . He saw this , when prescription was in for repeat & reduced it down to 11,000 per week DUHHH DUHH this was September .... the start of Autumn ... I have not had the energy to chase up yet .... So I have just bought from the chemist. - Yes expensive £ 20 for 10 weeks ... but I am not prepared to feel so ill again . I am better but dealing with Multi Autoimmune conditions myself & my children ... BUT I do feel in control again of my own health ...

I have some finger prick blood Vitamin D tests on the way in the post so I can test myself & keep an eye on my levels .


I take that amount for my Multiple Sclerosis and it has changed my life...I actually have a life now! Not only was I physically exhausted, but I could not wake up or stay awake. I constantly felt like I hadn't slept in 3 days...kinda like when I was a kid and stayed up satudying for finals. Originally I was given 4,000 IU per day. After spending 2 years on the couch with intense vertigo, they realized it was from the vitamin D. After changing insurance and doctors, my new physician wanted me to take 50,000 IU once a week. After two years of horrible nausea, I did not want anything to do with vitamin D supplements. I broke out in tears at his office and I am NOT a crier by any stretch of the imagination. Since it was a new doctor I knew if I didn't try it I would have a hard time getting other medications, so I agreed to try it. It was a miracle! I used to take an entire day's worth of amphetamines just to wake up, then only had 4-5 hours before I would sleep for the rest of the day. After 2 weeks (i cried when I took the first dose!!!) I started waking up on my own and only need the amphetamines for energy, and only need half of what I had been prescribed previously. I feel human again! The doctor explained that vitamin D is stored in your body's fat and when given weekly and it s released slowly. I haven't felt this good in about 10 years and actually have a life now!!!!! My earlier labs showed only a slight low vitamin D deficiency.

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