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Tsh levels and trying to conceive

I have a family history of hypothyroidism and just had my thyroid levels checked:

Tsh is 4:1

T4 is 11:6

Did not have T3 tested

The doctor told me the numbers are normal and not to worry, but I've heard conflicting opinions elsewhere. I have got some symptoms - constantly cold, very dry and flaky skin, low basal body temps - I guess that could just be because the weather is freezing! But we have been trying to conceive for a while without success and I'm worried it could be related.

Any advice gratefully received. Thank you.

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Fertility problems are common in hypothyroidism and this is a link which may give you some information.

How much medication are you taking? When were you diagnosed? A TSH of 4 is high if you are on treatment and may be undermedicated especially as you still have symptoms.

Get a copy of your latest thyroid gland blood test results complete with the ranges and post again for someone to comment. Always get a print-out for your own records, we are entitled to get them.


Does your name (misosoup) come from you consuming lots of miso and, maybe, other soy products? Reason being, soy can affect thyroid hormone levels for several reasons. So better for me to ask right now and not miss the possibility.



Thank you for the responses so far. I am not taking any medication for hypothyroidism as my doctor advised I fall within the normal ranges. Sorry if that was unclear! The numbers I posted are from the testing I had done last week.

The reason I'm concerned because I've read that TSH levels should be closer to 1 if you're trying to conceive (even though the normal range for most people who aren't trying to conceive can be considerably higher). We will be starting the road to IVF soon so I want to know if this might be an issue we should be addressing first. Or am I just worrying needlessly?

Rod - good guess! I love soy and up until recently I used to eat tons of soy products (I drank soy milk and ate tofu almost every day thinking it was a healthy alternative to dairy/meat). But then I heard that it might be harming my fertility levels so I cut it out of my diet almost completely a few months back. I didn't realise it could also have affected thyroid function levels. Thanks very much for the advice.


Not a difficult thing to guess! About the only soy thing I actually like is soy sauce.

Are you able to get the reference ranges for those tests? The ranges for FT4 vary hugely.

Oh! And if you click on the blue "Reply to this" then the person you are responding to gets informed!.


Thanks for the information!

I feel really bad that I was deliberately increasing my soy consumption when it seems I should have been doing the opposite.

I don't have the ranges for the test as I was just told the results by telephone. I will try to get hold of them soon and will post again.

Thanks again!


i was trying to conceive,not knowing at the time that my thyroid levels were overactive(dont know what the numbers were) but they were high,it was only when they went down after 4mths that i fell pregnant. i discovered all this when i saw my endo and went back over my bloods,so yes it will stop you conceiving untill the levels are within normal range.


You really need your TSH around 1.


My experience is that i got preg with quite bad thyrpid symptoms and a TSH of about 2.6.

I thought i was infertile(due to hypoth)but since i started using natural progesterone cream (for pmt)i fell preg after a months use.I am in no doubt that it was due to the cream.The cream i use is called'Serenity' and it made by Wellsprings.if u want get info/buy its on worth a try before IVF route!a jar is £19.99 which lasts 2/3months.But ,like others have said,it is really better to get ur tsh down before preg as could cause problems for preg/baby health.Goodluck to u.


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