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The book why am I so tired?

I read the book why am I so tired by Martin Budd I think and although very good he doesn't actually tell you a lot.The title says how to treat mild hypothyroidism through diet etc and although it was a very interesting read it struck me that most of the information would only be obtained by visiting a naturopath ie money really.

It has made me consider my diet a bit more I keep complaining about not being able to lose the weight but in my case I do not eat particularly healthily which is probably something I need to address.

It all seems sometimes that although money can't buy happiness it can buy health.

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Hi know what you mean. Its money money money. The information or treatment we needed is not there all because of money. I also like you am tired all the time. I drag myself round. Not to mention my weight. I hardly eat anything and as you certainly not healthy`. My daughter says you only put weight on by what you put in your mouth. Do you think is true. I have cravings for chocolate, cake and sticky buns. How about you. I try and try to lose weight with no avail. I wish someone would explain to me how I can live my life suffering from fibro. osteoarthritis and ofcourse the dreaded CFS. But is this thyroid.

Hope you are having a good day.

Bye for now love A xx


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