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Please help! My lab tests are normal but I'm sooo ill: results as below

I have had chronic fatigue syndrome / M.E. for 16 years, housebound most days esp. 5 months of winter.bloods tests normal but want further tests.. (maybe hypo? or conversion problem or?)My GP has referred me to an endocrinologist (at my request), now I am looking to see which one to go to (NHS, cant afford to keep paying out to try diff. tratments for 'M.E' live alone, on benefits) .

T4 14 pmol/L (range 8-21)

TSH 2.59 (range 0.35-3.50)

T3 4.2 pmol/L

serum creatinine 53 umol abnormal

neutrophil count 1.95 abnormal

they said no action needed (so must have boarder line abnormal)

Any advice welcome! Thank you.

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If you email and ask if there is a sympathetic Endo near where you live.

Before the TSH blood test became the only way to diagnose thyroid gland problems, you would have been treated upon your clinical symptoms with a thyroid hormone, most probably natural dessicated thyroid.

This is one doctor who treats people the way he was taught as a trainee doctor.


no 'e'!! ;-) x


Why do I keep putting 'e' ? Have no idea. My finger has a mind of its own.


lol! It's a common mistake.

Sometimes I spell it to people, they spell it back to me and add an 'e' - like I'd forgotten it! lol! ;-) xx


Thank you, where is he?!!




Hi What is your range for FT3? At my Lab , that would be low. I suspect you may need some T3 and T4 ( Thyroxine ) to feel well. T3 also lowers the tSH, which would be OK for your. We usually start with T4 and see how we are and bloods.are. The T4 should convert in the body to the T3 but often dose not.With the symptoms you are having, it sounds as if you do need treatment.

I would list all my symptoms that refer to thyroid before you go and refer to it rather than give the endo the list!

Best wishes,



thank you , Jackie, for your reply. that's encouraging to know. I will do that.

I think you may have encouraged me to find the CV for the endocrinologist. I Google his name, by can find his name and the hospital, but could not find CV , would you be able to tell me how to do that please?


Hi Well most of them, if they think they are good! Have their own site which they update. Just put in the endo`s name , endocrinologist and Uk, usually they come up. Another way to find them is, if they do private work, a lot do, put in the name of a private hospital site that is your nearest, or several, or nearest to your choice of hospitals.I always have to do it to find my very good consultants as GP useless, and I am very fussy! If you pick a very good hospital , that is a good starting point.

I hope you find some one. I always think if I see a useless doctor it is better not to see any one!

Good hunting!



good news: the GP said yes! I am now on the waiting list to go to the hospital of my choice. I hope to phone them on Friday , to find out how long th waiting list is.


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