Should I request thyroxine dose increase?

Hi ,,, my recent tsh says 3.3 range 0.3 to 5.2 .... Doc says well done I'm in middle of normal range... But its hardly improved since increasing dose to 50s. Used to be on 25 s, then went to alternate 50,25. Felt great to start when my dose was increased to 50 s couple months ago but now feel like I'm struggling a bit again, esp after exercise I'm gym. I'm bit surprised at the small change in tsh , used to be 4.2 on 25 s ... I'm thinking I needed higher dose.... Am I right? Thank you !

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  • If your TSH is reflecting your thyroid hormone level well, then I suggest you are right.

    I'd expect your TSH to be below 2, possibly below 1, when you are adequately dosed.

    Do make sure you have your blood draws as early as possible in the morning. Usually TSH is higher at 08:00 than any other daylight hour.

  • This is a link to Dr Lowe and if you cursor down to the question dated April 22, 2007 to read his reply

  • sorry but i cant find what you mention on the link,,,,

  • Apologies, here it is

  • that a very interesting link,,, ive looked back at my results and my tsh hasnt changed at all despite increasing by 12.5 per day to 50s.... im on vitamin d,,,, could that alter the tsh do you think?

  • Vit D wont alter your TSH level. Your GP should increase your dose until your symptoms go or add some T3 to the T4. 50mcg is a starting dose. The aim of the GP is to get your TSH below 1 but some try to keep you within the 'normal range' but that is wrong.

  • Hi I agree with Shaws,Try having a Free T3 test, It should show that you would benefit from adding T3, it lowers the TSH and helps with symptoms especially weight.

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  • I've looked back at previous test results and my tsh hasn't changed at all since increasing from 37.5 to 50s.... I find this amazing cos it took me while to get used to new dose too. This thyroid lark is confusing . I felt better to start and now feel naff again. I read that some docs treat by weight at about 1.6 mcg per kg ,,, I'd be on 137 mcg if that was case....

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