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Help please

I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid approx 6yrs ago. since then ive been taken to hospital twice with chest pains & recently underwent an angiogram. thank goodness the news was good. No problems with my heart. but i'm always having trouble with high & low blood pressure, dangerously high cholesterol levels i'm on statins which I dont like taking due to the risks ive heard about & when you hear doctors wont take statins it makes you wonder why they are prescribed. I keep getting terrible indigestion which wont shift no matter what I take. Some days its all I can do to drag myself around. Does anyone else have any of these problems.

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when you say indigestion do you mean heartburn? I have constant heartburn which I take rennies for. However, occasionally I get extreme pain in my chest which was scary at first but I now know is trapped wind. When I get it I take 'wind setlers' which is simeticone with peppermint tea. Also keep on the move which helps release the wind sometimes from both ends.

I hope this helps.


When I was given levothyroxine for hypothyroidism, I got even more unwell. I had quite a few trips to the A&E, I had palps and tachycardia a 5 day heart monitor and 'All were fine".

It was not until I had T3 added to my T4 (levo) that I began to feel better and stopped T4 for a few weeks and did not have one missed heart beat or palps. Soon went onto T3 alone and am now on NDT.

If you get a copy of your latest thyroid gland blood test results and post them, someone will comment. I would think (not medically qualified) that you are undertreated. The fact that you have very high cholesterol which should reduce when you are on optimum meds (optimum meaning that you are now beginning to feel well).Also get a B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate too if you are due another thyroid gland blood test.


Shaws are you in the UK? If so was it you GP that prescribed T3. Do you still have T3 only?


Just to address the indigestion issue, a friend of mine had terrible heartburn and was referred for an endoscopy but started taking a glug of apple cider vinegar every day and feels much better.

Obvs you don't want to carry on with this if it doesn't help or makes things worse (you don't want to make it worse if you already have too much acid), but you'll soon know if it has the right effect. It seems like sometimes the antacids reduce the acid in your stomach and this makes it hard to digest food, which makes the heartburn worse.


im due to go to have another blood test on friday to test my thyroid & cholesterol levels again will let you know what results are. thank you all for your replies. will certainly try some of the things you have suggested.


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