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can we choose the the endocrinologist that we see? Or is it only the hospital? (have to phone the surgery Monday a.m, to let them know)

I understand , we are allowed to go anywhere in the country , but is it just the hospital we can choose . Or can we choose the endocrinologist as well? (I have to phone the surgery Monday morning, to let them know) .

Sorry to have asked a lot of questions recently..

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We can ask for the endo we want, as long as they are at one of the hospitals that we can choose.

I was told that you cannot choose all over the country, as you need to be within an hours drive of the hospital.

Ann xx


Hi Ann -i wan't told that -i was told I could go where I like -but of course the travel is up to me!


Try the Hospitals at the top of the page, then into Hospitals Survey and maybe your hospital will come up. You could also email and she may know of an Endocrinologist in your area.


Have a good look around this site, applies to your case.


You can be referred to the endo of your choice at the hospital that you want, however if the hospital is 'out of your area' then you have to take responsibility to get to your appointments on time and pay for your travels expenses to get to all of your appointments on time, you are not entitled to claim for any expenses.


Hi Make sure you at least look them up, hospital site and useful on any nearby private hospitals , then do individual CV`s on the WEB, vital to be your choice, that need not be GP`s choice. Also privately you can see any one in the country.

I hope that helps.



the rules state that you can request ,on your 3 alternatives, a consultant / hospital of your own choice anywhere within the nhs [ some gp's/trusts allow choices to be at certain private clinics,but you need to check with your gp.i hope you have one like mine ] patient transport or travel costs ,if you qualify---at the recieving hosp./clinic ----must be arrainged by yourself prior to appt. personal advice is,as i have had this situation before,is if you normally quailfy for either and are refused complain,complain complain----dont get disheartened and even refer it to your local mp and lobby them ......i made them accept soon got accepted at the new trust. i now have no problem. hope that this helps


Thank you all, this is the situ-

I have had chronic fatigue syndrome / M.E. for 16 years, housebound most days esp. 5 months of winter.bloods tests normal but want further tests.. (maybe hypo? or conversion problem or?)My GP has referred me to an endocrinologist (at my request), now I am looking to see which one to go to (NHS, cant afford to keep paying out to try diff. tratments for 'M.E' live alone, on benefits) .

T4 14 pmol/L

TSH 2.59 (range 0.35-3.50)

T3 4.2 pmol/L

serum creatinine 53 umol abnormal

neutrophil count 1.95 abnormal

they said no action needed (


good news: the GP said yes! I am now on the waiting list to go to the hospital of my choice. I hope to phone them on Friday , to find out how long th waiting list is. and to ask more. :-)


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