This website gives list of supplements you can take but it also says only take them if your thyroid is normal or nearly normal. why?

my thyroid is below normal but i want to do all i can to keep it healthy, including taking supplements. I'm confused as to what i can/should take now. can anyone clarify please?


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  • I'm a little confused by this. Do you have a link? It might help me to make some sense out of it. It depends on the supplements too. Which supplements is it saying you should only take if thyroid is nearly normal?

    Thanks :)

    Carolyn x

  • hi sorry its on the thyroid uk website under '' treatments'. i thought that was part of this website

  • It is. Sorry, I just wasn't sure which page you were looking at. I will go and have a look now.

  • Do you know which page it was on. There are several under the heading of "treatments". Was it vitamin supplements? If so, was it any one in particular. I am having trouble finding any reference to making sure your thyroid is normal before taking...

  • Found it :)

  • I think the reasoning is that if your levels are nowhere near normal, you will have trouble processing the vitamins and minerals. While this isn't going to be too much of a problem with the water soluble ones, such as B vitamins, the fat soluble ones might build up rather than be used. I am presuming this is what he means.

    On the flip-side, if you don't have enough of these vitamins and minerals you may find you don't use the thyroid hormones very well. If you can get your levels near normal (even if you don't feel better) you should be fine to start supplements. If your blood tests have come back as borderline or sub-clinical, you will probably be fine too. If you are very hypothyroid, you may experience problems.

    I'm sorry I couldn't be more black-and-white about it. It is such a complicated subject! The more I learn the more confused I seem to get!

    If you are currently hypothyroid (please post results if you have them) you would probably be ok with a standard vitamin and mineral supplement but perhaps it is best to avoid the high dose ones for now. If you are only slightly hypothyroid you may be fine. Please post your thyroid results if you have them. Someone more knowledgeable than me might be able to help if they can see the results :)

    Carolyn x

  • Can we please have the link?

  • sorry meki i dont know how to do techy things and ive got bad brain fog today, but if i can find it anyone can!

  • No Probs memory fog is part of all our lives

  • Here it is

    Sorry I couldn't do it earlier. I've been up all night with my poorly little girl.

    I will add the link at the top too. I hope this helps :)

    Carolyn x

  • Thanks I hope the little one is feeling better

  • thanks that helps but perhaps it such be made clearer on such an important site. i dont know my latest results yet im going to get them next week. i was borderline before taking thyroxine but after i became normal, though my symptoms were either the same or sometimes worse.

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