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second opinion rights

i thought that ,after reading several comments on this site, that i would pass on the correct facts ......if anyone is unhappy with their consultant for whatever reason they have a confirmed right to request a second opinion from another dr/consultant [my personal recommendation would be to request that this be from an outside trust] of your OWN choice. this has to be done through your own gp , who will then give you the details---in writing----of your choices and the details of how to make the appropriate appointment YOURSELF at the venue of your choice....i have recently carried this out and am awaiting an appt. [they have untill 13/3 ] at a totally seperate trust ----one that has an excellent reputation in this field-----this causes minimal problems for your gp and at the very least gives you peace of mind------which cannot be treated with ANY medication , and can help to reduce 'the dreaded tablets' [ i wonder how many complications have been caused by the stress and how other medications that are taken for stress effect our usual meds........surely cocktails of meds would have different results, or am i the only one that !!!!!!!

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Thanks alangardner for posting your experience which is potentially very helpful for other members. It would be great if you could post a link or two to any websites that helped in providing you with this information, so that others can read up for themselves.


most of the info i recieved about this was from my own gp ,ie.about how to go about this and exactly what to do and how to do it [ proceadure seems to be everything to some ] ,he is having more problems in many depts. than we are !!!!!!!! at this time my only advice ,but as we all know that can change on a daily basis ,is to make sure your gp actually knows the meaning of the word CARING in the caring proffesion .....and if not CHANGE to another that does-------there are more out ther than than even we in our limited experience imagine ..........p.s. my gp is also a specialist [ in another field ] and a consultant at the trust that he recommended me to go outside of the trust that was treating ..........I THINK THAT SAYS IT ALL !!!!!!!!!! if i get any further info ref websites etc. i will post as a blog on this site..but always remember this info applies to ALL conditions and patients throughout all departments and consultants/


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