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Finally recognition!!!

It has taken me a year of sick leave from work and many, many visits to endocrinologist, cardio consultants, GP and a psychiatrist but I have finally had some recognition as to how incapacitated this condition has made me.

The Teachers Pensions Agency have finally agreed that I am no longer medically and physically fit to teach. After an initial knock back I won an appeal with the help of some wonderful doctors who compiled the medical evidence for me. It has taken a year to prove that autoimmune thyroid can impact on other body systems and that the magic pill thyroxine does not 'always' make hypothyroid conditions better. They have said that I should still be able to undertake 'some' gainful employment but have agreed that primary teaching with the little ones was just too much. I do hope to work again but in a job where I am more able to pace myself and take care of me foremost!

At last some positivity out of a very negative and frustrating year. ;-)

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Hi Pleased that you are feeling satisfied after the struggle. The stress must have made you worse. Hopefully now, with the correct treatment ,you will soon feel much better. It does take a long time.



cassie i am so pleasesd that you have won something!------ sorry u are il but well done for for your victory. an dgod bless those doctors few and far between. x


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