Whenever I get five minutes to myself, I pick up my iPad and head straight for Thyroid Uk and see whats happening.......questions, blogs,news.

I suddenly realised that this site has become such a force in my life. A real companion. Even though I don't know anyone.......I feel that i do.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I don't take site for granted. It's a very special place and has provided an extraordinary amount of advice, comfort and companionship. A place where no one thinks you're a bit mad or have a screw loose, or are just a bit of a hypochondriac. I had no idea when I was diagnosed what lay ahead of me. Like many here, I just thought I'd pop that pill and in 3 weeks feel like a new woman! we all know, .it's not like that is it. But what has eased this nightmare is knowing that through the power of this site.....we can all be here for each other.

I just wanted to say thank you. THYROID UK is brilliant and so are all of you.



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  • 'Like'! :)

  • Ditto - we need a "like" button, don't we :) :)

  • yes it does gets addictive, or is it the hope of actually getting better? and reading of those that finally do.

    It is members like you Sarah, replying to others in need - that keeps us going, thank you for your kind comments. I just worry about those who don't find any help and think, as you say, i't's all in their heads' and are actually TOLD this! - no the problem is in your neck! J xx

  • Have to agree joesmum. Have not been a member long, and still have lots to learn, but I come back here every night for a read. Next time I see a GP I will know what to say!

    Its so good to know that there are other people in the same position, and that we are all here for each other. So thanks to all of you.


  • Fan dabby dosey. Thanks to all .

    Love and Peace to all Kerry.

  • :-) xx

  • I agree absolutely- though not been thyroid for long-I sneak back all the time! I had the misfortune a few years back to need the breast cancer forum recommended by the breast cancer staff.although it was informative and good it had none of the warmth and wealth of information that is here. It is excellent.

  • Yes, this site is definitely a lifeline. I check it everyday even if it is just to see how everyone else is doing but on my bad days it reminds me that there IS something wrong with me and it is not in my head or that I am inadequate.

    Thank you everyone xx

  • Yes it is a very good site and have recommended it to a few friends and family. X

  • totally agree here is a life line with great friends who are always here to laugh, cry or just be with. Been though 7 yrs of all sorts and a mixed few weeks so can only echo thank you everyone.

  • Yep totally agree... X

  • Couldn,t agree with you more - great site. Take Care, Best Wishes, Kath.x.

  • Hear hear! , its amazing has given me so much strength, just used the members library what a brillant idea many thanks and keep up the good work karen ?¸.•*"??????¯?"*•.¸?¸

  • :-) Library open to all - not just members! Details here:



  • the question marks were supposed too be butterfly but it didn't translate?


  • Like :) :)

  • I love this site with all the info, it has made my life a lot better.

    Knowing im not going daft heps a lot lol.

    Please dont stop !!

    Ive liked you on fb, so more i hope will benefit xx

  • It is a lovely forum such lovely responses and help xx

  • I'm on other H.L. sites and think this one is the most friendly.

  • For a few years of my life all I did when I was awake was talk to others on thyroid forums (before this one was born) and it saved me. When you have doctors telling you that they cannot find anything wrong with you, and even friends saying pull yourself together! How comforting is it to chat to each other on here?!

    In those dark dark days I can remember reading about people who no longer went on thyroid forums because they were well and carrying on with their lives. Gulp, this is me now, I don't spend hours chatting on here now because I am well and I am getting on with my life!

    Thank you Joesmum - I am sure lots of people agree with you.

    Excuse me for using this opportunity to ask you to join Thyroid UK, if you haven't already. Details are here:-

    Thyroid UK do a fabulous job, the team work so hard to help others, they don't have to, they could be carrying on with their lives too, but they work hard getting information out to us all. Think of those people who do not have the internet and rely on information in the post - our membership money pays for this. You have a lovely magazine and other things too - go on join today!

    Have a nice day all.


  • Just joined......... Better late than never!!xxxxx

  • Joined - thanks for the info

  • What a heartwarming blog and so well deserved

  • Well said joesmum, agree:-):-):-)

  • I agree xx

  • Yes this site was an utter life line to me when I was first (sort of) diagnosed. I had a high TSH of 18.0 but low normal Ft3 and Ft4. My endo told me that none of my symptoms were to do with my thyroid, and that my problems were all due to health anxiety, and that my TSH must be wrong. Thanks to the support and info I found on here, I realised I wasn't going mad and that it was my thyroid after all. Even the endo eventuallty had to agree, when FT3 and FT4 dropped below range and TSH shot up to 59.0. I am now feeling so much better, with the right treatment and the support and advice from eveyone here. Thanks :) xx

  • Yes, people on here are just lovely, friendly and supportive.xx

  • Totally agree XX

  • totally agree - it's a lifeline and you definitely feel like a human being when you are on this site especially on those bad days!!

  • Here here totally brilliant site, been my lifeline. Thank you HU and every one on here.

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