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Lactose free Prednisolone 5mg Available?

Does any one know of a lactose free 5 mg Prednisolone tablet? My Gp has prescribed this for me today. l have read the ingredients and they have lactose in them...( he knows l am allergic to lactose and dairy).prescribed for breathing problems ..40mg ( 8 tablets in one go) he said l will get pleurisy if l dont take them..l only took 2 1/2 mg of Hydrocortisone last September and in one hour l had sweats a racing heart and felt VERY unwell..

l am scared to take these new least if they were lactose free l would know what was making me bad if l should react again..l will only take l/2 tablet at first...thankyou..

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I have no idea if there are any lactose free tablets. But you can view the Patient Information Leaflets (PILs) for a number of brands available in the UK by going here:

The PILs will contain lists of ingredients.

I have no idea how complete this set of PILs is - for levothyroxine it is woefully incomplete. So not finding one here is not definitive. Next step might be to ask your pharmacy.

As a general comment - it seems utterly mad to put lactose in so many medicines, especially as something like 70 to 80% of the world's population is at least partly intolerant of lactose.



Thank you so much for answering me Helvella..lm not in a searching mode at the moment. l will check out your link..with best wishes Donna


Are you taking thyroid meds? This could cause you a problem if your adrenals aren't working as well as they should be and the boost from the Pred tabs could then cause your sweats/racing heart.


Hi no lm still not on any thyroid meds ..l have bee prescribed these for pleurisy..not feeling great and in a lot of pain all over my body . Yes the hydrocortisone in september 2 1/2 mg made my heart race and l felt bad..Gp has now prescribed 40mg in one go so l am reluctant to take them..though l know the will help my pain!..Lupus appointment not untill 17th March.thankyou for your reply. Donna

<b>Updated on Feb 10 2011 9:42AM:</b> Ps l had to stop my Levo then Armour then T3 and adrenal support because l react to all...meds


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