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Finished Atkins Induction

Finished Atkins Induction

Well, I actually finished the induction about two weeks ago!

I lost 4lb the first week and 3lb the second. However, since then, it's been up and down a bit because I did cheat a couple of times due to functions of the bbq kind!

I haven't weighed myself since last week as I decided I didn't want to keep weighing. I have actually cut down the butter and am having fruit now. I really missed my fruit! I'm having eggs of some description for breakfast sometimes with cheese and sometimes with bacon. For lunch it's a salad of some kind - cheese, eggs, meat, or fish. No sugar jelly is brilliant as a treat - with cream, of course!

This weekend I had new potatoes but not many. I've decided that bread, rice and pasta are not for me and I'm going to cut down on my portions. I picked up a British Heart Foundation leaflet the other day and they give you guidelines on portions in it. I've been having WAYYYYYY tooo much!

I'll keep you informed!!!

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Lyn - I once did Atkins and I know how tough that first two weeks is, but it sounds as if it's all paying off. Well done - it sounds as if you eat a lot more healthily than most people!



Ly, you should read Barry Groves' book 'Trick and Treat' which Barry Peatfield told me about - it certainly makes interesting reading! Barry Groves is another exponent of the Low Carbohydrate / High animal fat diet, arguing that our low fat /high carbohydrate diet is unatural and the cause of most, if not all, of our Western chronic degenerative diseases. One thing he says that I have tried, and found that it is true, is that unlike margarene, butter doesn't have to be kept in the fridge, and he does explain exactly why. If he got that right, then maybe he got lots of other things right as well! Barry Groves really does open your eyes as regards the official health advice that has, over the years, become 'wisdom' we accept without even thinking about it or questioning it - but do the experts really know what they are talking about or are we victims of a health industry that is only interested in making as much money as possible no matter what the consequences to our health?

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