Result at last a sympathetic doctor

After my post at the weekend I was all prepared and very nervous before I went into the doctors. Got really worked up and in a bit of a state and......

He was lovely said we would not normally go by your bloods we need to go by how you feel! I almost didn't know what to say. He wants to re test in 3 weeks then 6 weeks after that and see how I am doing. Then if my bloods are going in the right direction but I'm still feeling grim and not loosing weight the endocryologist would be consulted! I couldn't believe it I didn't have to have a battle.

So just a little hope for everyone there are doctors out there that will help us 😊😊

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  • Great news!

    Do keep a diary as you forget what symptoms you had before, and how they improve or worsten. Your doctor may not have time to look through it but it will give you confidence when you tell him how you feel - especially as he's smart enough to know that's what's important.

    So did he increase your meds?

  • Yes he has increased them and a review in 3 weeks then 6 weeks to see if it is enough

  • That's really good to hear, it's great if you can have confidence in your GP. x

  • Yes I am in Northamptonshire it's taken 4 doctors though to get this one to help me and a lot of stress!

  • Fabulous. Well done for your perseverance . It gives me hope!

  • Believe my I was so stressed out but cross fingers I'm on the 4th doctor. There's always hope. Like another person said just keep going until you find the doctor that will help you. I've spoken two who basically made me cry when I came out. Everyone has the right to feel well. 😊

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