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my right hand has started to swell,the skull pains and veins are debilitating sometimes? any one else?

As months have gone by, I have gotten use to my irregular heart, fast heart slow heart rate, internal vibrations, feeling cold then boiling, ringing ears, allergies, virtigo, to name a few. lol

I have posted a few times in regards to stabbing pains in the head and hands legs, which have been intermittant.

but recently starting to have them everyday, sometimes the pains and heat in my skull are debilitating and I feel totally disconnected when Im in bed.

I cant even touch my scalp as the pains and sensitivety is un real, I have noticed my veins have started to swell in my hands and my right hand has swelled and never goes down, followed by pain, sickly pain, needle pain.

When i get up in the morning i feel not to bad, by the time I go to bed and relax, my whole body is in meltdown, my head spins and I had weired bodiliy funtions, scares the s...t out of me.

my throat vibrates, yes vibrates, even the top of my inside of mouth, my muscle twitch randomly and the bed feels like it rocks.

my hands tingle and my feet burn and my heart goes weired as if it misses a beat but takes my breath away, like cutting oxygen to my brain.

my face vibrates, lips, lol feel like a mobile phone.

please tell me if you have had these, the reason why im asking is that I will not go to the gp.

I have hashi, and a few other deficiences, but these pains are bothering me and the skull bones crunch and grind. I can relate some of my smptoms to Hashi but not these weired head issues.

cant wait for my scan results to come back. Appart from that, I am still functioning and researching, I am determined to stay away from the surgery for fear of being labelled but evidence is mounting.

Thanks Merissa x

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Hi Merissa,

Not too clear, are you seeing a cardio and an endo? Wht treatment are you av ing for thyroid, what is your TSH, T4 and Free T3 with ranges. ?Have you had a proper diagnosis about the Atrial Fibrullation?A Holter, 24 hour or 7 day?What treatment are you having for that? What is your vit D ( hormonal ) level? What drugs in total are you on,?If you get back to me with this ( click on " reply to this") I will try and give you more info, however I think it is a case for specialists.

Best wishes,



Hi Jacks, no treament, I was hyperthyroid a few weeks ago blood test( surgery) I felt so ill and I was sent away with HRT. Then I had another blood test still showing hyperthyroid very supressed TSh and highish T3 and T4.

Now my blood test are TSH 3.78 highest its been no range. ( private) however my antibodies steer to hashi or graves but NHS wont test the TSI to confirm or rule out.

My cortisol is high all day with DHEA, my potassium is elevated and my cholestrol also.

recent test ( private) showing I have Pernicous A and probably b12 deficiency.

My vitamin D is now corrected cant remember what the scores were.

My heart rate just keeps going bonkers out of the blue then normal ( weired)

Every few weeks I get severe stabbing pains in my skull and start feeling woozy in bed and I feel my tongue and Jaw are disconected only for a couple of seconds, I freak out and jump up.

The upper pallete in the back of my mouth vibrates like hell and my throat.

Over the last month my right hand has swellled and not going down, not hugely but you can see the swelling, but the pain in my veins.

I went to see a nerologist and went away so angry as he felt it was depression, no futher test.

I have had lots of test and scans for different things, my heart rate on ECG showed abnormal repeatedly, then I had a ecogran which showed small amount of fluid around my heart. The procedure I had caused me severe disstress and resulted in blood loss. I must of been HYperthyroid and it was not picked up.

I fear going to the g.p as I am being labelled arghhhh even though my test are saying other.

Even if I go its on my records its depression or possible health anxiety ( there taking the P) sorry.

so I refuse to go back as humiliation sets in.

so many smptoms and nothing and proof, g.p just wants a blood test that says normal so I can be dismissed.

if I went to Aand E its on my records arghhhhhhh.

I am positive, although I feel deperate at times, I am worried about these ice pick pains.

there you go lol you be sorry you asked. My private Endo says hashi or graves but g.p says no as I was on eltroxine for a trial and g.p says this has caused me to become hyperthyroid, was only on 25mcg. but private endo says not.

kindest merissa, sorry jacks about the long post.



Hi Oh dear, that will never do, Do you see an endo? Not a private doctor who does thyroid. I do wish you could see mine, she is totally different, listens, brilliant and so nice. her favourite saying, is "It is your body, you know best"I was in your position for a long time, heart and thyroid not properly diagnosed, very dangerous especially heart and in a mental hospital 6 months. I had to sort it all out myself afterwards. Apologies all round except the GP who wrongly sent me to a Neuro. I even had my NHS records corrected, that was a battle! You can have any tests through TUK site, Blue Horizon, same labs as all the private hospitals use, much cheaper no authorisation needed. I always have the intermediate test for thyroid , Quote TUK 10 and pay £61. For more complicated tests, full range, you can have bigger discounts. Brlliant results to you and you should have treatment from any doc you show them to. my TSH is very low but I need Armour ( cannot take thyroxine ) and T3 ( was very low).GP now does as endo tells her!You really need all the tests and the GP or endo should do them. I saw a private doc originally and he very good but tested nothing. My endo found so much wrong. The vit D should only be taken after a calcium test as that must always be in range, and retests too.Any throat,swallowing problems ,voice etc you need an ultra sound of the thyroid.If vit D ( maybe jjust high for you ) , PTH and calcium high taken together AM it can be PTH( parathyroid) and that needs a nuclear scan and a CT.

Heart, you need a holter first and a referal to a decent arrythmia consultant, Only big teaching hospitals. Totally different. You need treatment but even if AF( Not dire) you must be on Warfarin to prevent lethal clots. There is lots of treatment for AF too as paroximal it is hard to detect except with pulse , when in AF a Holter as it does little ECG`s all the while you are on a is well known amongst good cardios that Thyorid disease, can bring on onset of AF , ie it would have happened eventually anyway. When n F the pulse ( HR) swings and can go very high and very low, very high ,often yhe bP also goes low to compensate.

There is so much, I have tried to be brief. I am dyslexic so if not clear ask me, sorry spelling too!

Above all you must sort this out

and if docs useless try others! I learnt the hard way, I would hate anyone else to go through what I have. There are some terrible, lethal docs and some brilliant ones who really care and listen!

Best wishes,



oww your amazing, I feel the way you did, I have read your post, I have considered PTH as mine was also raised but normal calcium. I paid private to see the NHS endo, as gp refused to trial me on Eltroxin, However he was cross because I seen a private Endo who insisted a trial of 25mcg.

He was lovely but felt DR P was a jerk and that I didnt need cortisol test and that I may never find the cause of my smptoms argghhhhh

now after a long slog, my g.p decides I can go and see him on the nhs, dont think so, he will be of the same opinion.

How did you do it? how did you start? where is your endo? sorry Jacks, I have been looking for a autoimmune specialist who will take antibodies on board.

I have a multinodular goitre, it was ultrasound( no pathology)

I have the test to prove something not right, but still no joy.

everyday I have to carry on with the feeling something is in my throat.

I have consultant a specialist in America, who has confirmed me having hashi, but he also insists that I need to disect my body and find the cause.

Wish there was a consultant in the uk who treats or helps this, I dont want to take supplements till I no I have deficiency, or I will be wasting my money.

I tell my husband if I end up in hosp, to consult with yous lot lol for advice.

its so scary in it, sometimes I feel Im having a seizure or my brain shuts down for seconds.

when I close my eyes, I have weired shit happening like adrenal rush.

just hope I can have some joy and its not going to be to late.

A medical profesional has already damaged my ear and I cant say out, how bizzare.

Ps I have used private blood test, didnt realise I can have discount.

thanks hunny.



Hi I will send you a PM



I also was diagnosed with hashimotos 18 months ago and have been experiencing strange symptos I also get buzzing in my head and chest and electric shock feeling in my skull. I also get pins and needles over one side of my head and itching all over my body and I get the worse fatigue. I was eventually referred to a Neuro who did nothing to help said sometimes are bodies have like a software glitch that's what he thought was happening.

My doctor is no help just looks at me like I am crazy. All I want to do is find out what's happening to me I hope ou get some answers

Best wishes



yer me too, buzzing in my head, and a zap noise in my head, my scalp hurts and skull pains, pins and needles to, top of skull at the back of skull.

Its a discrace to say the least, chest vibrations, legs, throat, ummm the neuro, what a complete utter D sorry, my neuro said everythings normal and depression causes this, what the hell, believe me I have had severe post natal depression with no pains. They come up with the worst case of cause.

The problem is this, with the thyroid there a 24 things that can go wrong but only one solution and thats thyroxine, that it, we are all cured.

Hasimotos is a Autoimmune D and not a thyroid problem, therefore we have to take meds that are for patients who genuinly have thyroid issues, nothing else they can offer.

The meds supress the thyroid but dont help with the immune problems causing more issues.

The patient contines to complain that they are not well on meds, so the doc says here have antidepressants, HRT, your thyroid is normal, yes we no that but we have autoimmune D and eventually we will become hypothyroid, but in the mean time out system is being attacked.

sorry lol I get so frustrated and I can tell by your post you do. xx it cost the NHS money to do all the nessasary test, so we have to pay for our own. My G.P is lovely but dont have a clue, neither does the endo except offer thyroxine.


It's all to familiar they put me on HRT my calcium and vit D were low so take supplements along with thyroxine. I feel that my brain is under attack and I do worry that some damage could be done it can't be normal to feel like this but I do not know where to get help my doctor put me in the don't waste my time category. If you have the time and energy please let me know how you get on. Hope you get some answers.


Hi Denisel, have you been checked for antibodies, PTO and thyroglobulin? I also feel my brain is being attacked by my antibodies or some other co factor like low B12 or pernicious Anemia, there something not right, its got to be the hashi in attack.

Are you still on HRT? im not, I refused it. becasue having hashimotos and giving me hrt is like throwing fuel on a fire, ( so I have read) it certainly isnt normal. Gluten, wheat, adrenals, low b12 iron/ ferratin and candida can cause so much damage ( sorry).

Calcium vitaminD and parathyroid hormones have a role to play, is your vitamin D and calcium normal now?

It seems your thyroxine is used for your thyroid but you need to stop or manage the Hashimotos.

I will try and find the link and PM you.

I will certainly let you no, if I get any joy.


Merissa x


Glad to know that their are others who get these werid things. I get them too among a sea of others. i hate the heart having a party to its own beat. That hurts. The brain shift is equally worrying and the damn headaches some days I wish I could jsut detach my head and stick in the freezer for some relief.

Also how people feel about the NHS wasting more money by ignoring a patients concerns and iails than running a few blood tests that cost less than 10p in some cases.

Also glad to hear HRT is a not a good idea with Hashimotos. Don't think my poor body could take any more toxins.

My GP is so not going to like me in my March appointment I am not taking feeling this horrendous any more.


Hi Raven hex,

I no what you mean about the NHS, it sucks, the correct blood test would be a goood idea in the first instance. The problem is they have a budget to stick to, you will find that your g,p will order them via NHS and then they get refused especially vitamin D and t3 and ft3 to name a few.

I would suggest you write all the test that you need and look at hashi and HRT for evidence. If you are on thyroxine, this isnt for hashi patients either, therfore you could be taking meds that are not helping, although saying that Im on no meds and I still have very similliar health isssues as yourself.

good luc with doc, back up what your saying with evidence.



Cheers for that Merissa and will do. I shall wear my stern face and sharpen my tongue extra loud too.

. Now that little gem that I shouldnt be on thyroxine for Hashi's is going to get somebodies ear well spoken too. Oh I do love a good down a peg or 2 routine on Drs.


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