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panic and anxiety attacks

hi all i am hypo and have been for 10 years now, and since then i have suffered extream tirdness, panic attacks, lightneadedness, agrophobia and much more i went to see a private gp who works for the nhs some years ago and he gave me antidepressants has anyone any ideas(might go to gp to see if i can get refered to see Dr S) i need help i want my life back

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Kimbo, I send you my sympathy and am so glad that you have found this site that will offer support for so many of us!

Depression and anxiety were the two main symptoms that started my battle with hypothyroidism and I know that there are many people here who will be saying the same.

Shall we start by asking what your last blood test results were? your TSH, Free T4 and if they tested it, your Free T3, have you had your B12, ferritin and folate tested, to name just a few? If you haven't got your last results then you are entitled to a copy of them, just ask at your surgery, it takes just a minute to print them off. Do ask what the reference ranges are for TSH and Free T4 as they do vary around the country.

Speak to you later, hang on in there! Best Wishes!


hi suze thanks for replying just had a run off from gp its a bit long and i dont understand these results lol

total white cell count 9.8 10*9/L (4.0 - 11.0)

RED BLOOD CELL 4.65 10*12/L (3.8 - 5.8)

haemoglobin estimation 14.1 g/dL (11.5 - 16.5)

PACKED CELL VOLUME 0.409 1/1 (0.37 - 0.47)

will be filed as : 0.409 1/1

mean corpuscular volume 88.0 fl (76 - 96)

mean corpusc. haemoglobin 30.2 pg (27.0 32.0)

mean corpusc.hb. conc. 34.3g/dL (30.0 - 35.0)

platelet count 387 10*9/L (150 - 400)

neutrophil count 3.95 10*9/L (2.0 - 7.5)

Lynphocyte count 4.89 10*9/L (1.5 - 4.0) "HIGH"

monocyte count 0.57 10*9/L (0.2 - 0.8)

eosinophil count 0.15 10*9/L (0.4 - 0.4)

PERCENTAGE BASOPHILS 0.05 10*9/L (0.0 - 0-1)

large unstained cells 0.20 10*9/L (0.0 - 0.4)

i would be very grateful to get some insight of these as i just dont have a clue, suze could you also say how you overcome your anxiety and hope you are keeping well

thank you

theresa x


Your thyroid blood tests, b12, ferritin, folate are not listed, I don't know anything about the results that you have listed only that they appear to be within the ranges.


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